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yea i couldn't make a tutorial in time this was expectable

He struck again

thank you so much man!  an tutorial update is to come soon btw...

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oh come on don't tell me you heavn't cheated on the votes like wtf

be fair, this game clearly doesn't deserve 1st

i would have loved having this uploaded earlier, i can't download the game in time, so i can't vote... it looks gorgeous anyways!

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my pc is burning... but seriously, the concept of blur sounds cool aswell as the 3 slots of focus, but man... it's hard to understand. i suggest changing the effect to more of a suddle one, like some sort of boarder detection. please do something like that, this game has a lot to offer that, well, you don't see

i'm stuck in the first room, so i don't have much to say on this one except the concept is fun...

this one was chill, the artistic direction was great. i only have few suggestions:

-the fishing mechanic is hard to understand, and gets repetitive after a while

-there's no reason to move that much on the map, we can stay in an area waiting for fishing points to spawn. maybe, make the fishes present in different areas

overall really liked this one, gg

this projects has a lot to it, multiple levels, different art styles, music, level design. that's impressive. my feedback is:

-the collisions are kinda unfair (player's hitbox is to big), and saws one shots you.

-the difficulty is inconsistent, the level 1 is harder that the level 2, which was already hard. i'd suggest making the first levels easier.

-i think it lacks a bit of juice (particles effects, player becomes red when he hits something...)

but yea overall great project, gg

i really liked the art style. man, i hope you finish it somewhen later, this obviously has great potential. for the feedback i'd suggest:

-switching the camera direction (it's kinda counter intuitive that it moves left when the cursor goes right)

-the inventory system is nice, maybe reset the cursor position to the middle of the screen tho

yea that's pretty much it, this project was ambitious and look forward to its updates

it's a cute game, my feedback would be that there are bugs (cars spawning on top of eachother/we can go up indefinetly), perhaps with more time you could have polished it a bit more. Still impressive for a first game though

i love this game, it really has a unique universe to it, the artistic direction is awesome (how the sfx sync with waht's happening, the moniter with post-it... such a sense of detail). my only feedback would be you can just spam deny and win the game (more likely just one forgot line of code, so it's not that bad)

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it's a bit buggy, but this is actually really good for a first game (thus first game jam i suppose). I don't have much feedback on this one tho... as Krystian from LazyDevs says 2d plateformers don't look as hard to make as they are. Good luck for your future games anyway!

ayy, this is one of the most "finished" games i've played in this jam. good job on making the message system that clean, it's a pleasure to navigate through the menus. I don't have much feedback on this one tho except:

-most of the items are useless, but this is probably a time issue i guess

-fading screens feel too slow, and i think an auto finish when you say "no" would be a great addition

but yea this game feels very complete so it's forgivable

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i get what you were trying to do with storytelling, it's a great idea, but the excecution is kinda lacking, my feedback would be:

-make the connection between story and playing clearer

-throwing torches is a good idea but isn't exploited that much (which is even more obvious because of the low number of levels), perhaps make it a less punitive, and add events for throwing it (some sort of rope that'd ignite with it or something like that)

also the music/sfx and player animations are nice, gg's on that

my man you doing the same structure as me lmao

nice one! you've got a unique sense of humour, it's cool when someone breaks the 4th wall like that. whereas for my feedback:

-there is a lot of bugs (we can sometimes clip through the salad miasma, the cursor gets huge with the priestess, ennemies can clip through some thin walls)

-the fighting system could be improved, also the red monsters are unbalanced

-the controls are kinda counter intuitive (i.e space to place gems, it took me a bit to figure it out)

overall, i still enjoyed it (shotout to player animations/music, they're really good) and i'm really curious what you'd be able to do with a longer story.

this was fun to play! here is my feedback:

-the player sometimes moves towards the cursor (this probably has to do with the boarders of the screen), and when reached it, spin on itself.

-the bosses's gameplay could be a bit better, with maybe phases.

-the ennemies feel static, perhaps add some animation.

overall i really liked how there are different spiecies to discover and the difficulty curve (which is super good).

yeah... i wanted to keep the interface as sober as possible, so i thought i didn't have to do that.

 turned out to be a mistake i guess

nice one, it's calm and clean.

man that renderer looks super clean! i'm sad the jam didn't last longer, there was huge potential right here.  

man that renderer looks super clean! i'm sad the jam didn't last longer, there was huge potential right here.  

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what a lovely game! you succesfully managed to create an ambiance, an intresting plot and a tense final. my feedback:

-the controls (also the jump) are a bit wierd to take in hand all though this isn't an issue at the end.

-the biggest issue i have is the pixel art, which looks off sometimes. perhaps add a particle effect for the lights instead of an actual pixel art.

overall, i really liked this game!

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you have an interesting game mechanic here. however, the game seems unfisished so we can't see it's full potential. if you're looking for suggestions:

-it's hard t find the requested items when you get far. maybe add a generator

-skulls/gold/iron/... are  only different by their names, maybe add a unique mechanique for each (i.E  force field for the skull , buying mates with gold, ....)

-the throwing into fire particles are nice, but it would be even better with some sfx.

-this looks like something you could do in pico-8. idk if this is any help, but typically with this kind of game (pixel art, main map, ...) pico-8 would make the developpement easier, you should check it out. bonus points for the input selection at the beginning, being an azerty

woah... it looks gorgeous while playing... you definetly juiced the hell out of it. however there isn't much more to explore and the gameplay gets a bit repetitive. if you add a level system (ennemies, difficulty, etc..) you'll have an even more finished game i think.

i liked it! here's my feedback:

-it took some time to get the controls (azerty player so easily forgivable).

-i was stuck at the beginning (when  you need to kill the first god), i didn't understand what to do. i'd suggest making the objectives a bit more clearer, especially the ones at the beginning.

-finding the required objects feels good

-bosses are more of an obstacle than a real challenge.

-the lighting feels dark sometimes

but overall this is real nice to play and i find the silly dances as well as the verses quite hilarious.