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I felt this game ended just when it was getting started. There was so much unexplored. Sure, it isn't terribly important to know things like why Arlette doesn't like other people, but I think it is really important to know, for instance, why Oaxa was sent off to die on Earth. It's the event that caused the entire story to happen, shouldn't there be a little elaboration? Still, the fact that I want to know more proves how interesting these two characters are.

The devs previously announced that they won't port ZeroRanger to other platforms until they finish adding more modes.

Is there any way to save other than save states?

That was a fun distraction, even if there wasn't much to it. I beat the stage with both characters. I really didn't feel there was any difference between how the two characters played. I expected that their fire patterns would be different. Overall, this game was fun. I hope you build upon it in the future.

The color of the background in Stage 4 is very similar to the color of the bullets. This makes it hard to see what can hurt you and leads to unfair deaths.

Also, how big is the ship's hitbox? It feels larger than it should be due to the number of bullets onscreen, but that could just be me getting frustrated.

How do you turn the wheel?

This game is really creepy. I didn't feel like going past Happytown. Well-made, but too creepy for my tastes personally. Even when nothing bad is happening everything feels wrong, especially the music.

The library on this website could be much better. It would be great to be able to filter the library by tags the way you can in the store. The tags for the library items already exist, why not use them for more than just the store? 

Dolphin has a Linux port, at least

Why can you only pet the heads? I wanted to pat the backs and give belly rubs. Also, all 3 main dogs in the demo acted the same and barked only in response to some pets when the in-game descriptions said otherwise.

Hey, this game does run in Linux

I don't think I quite understand it