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I was wondering how I was supposed to use my dice, but then I got to "eat", which really cleared things up

Pretty fun! Only got a score of 19 first try on Practice

Look, he seems to be making a phrase! What could it be?


Runs fine with Proton on my laptop

Reminds me of a Tiger Electronics LCD game.

Works on Linux through Wine, so it probably works on Mac too

Dragon Drop community · Created a new topic Single Player?

This game looks fun, but I am not sure how many people I will get to play with if at all. What does this game offer in terms of single player content?

When is this update coming to Switch? Skull Pile, among others, is still impossible on there

I accidentally forgot to include the .pck file containing the game's assets and can't add it until the voting period ends. For now the only way to play it is to open the Godot project in the zip file and open it in Godot. I'm sorry

Thanks! I do intend to finish this

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Thank you! I'll upload the pck when uploads are allowed after the jam and use your advice when I continue work on this game.

Beta 5

Thanks, though for the song I can only take credit for choosing to use it. It's one of the ones that comes with GB Studio.

Upon looking into the issue further, it turned out that the problem was with GB Studio and not gbsenpai. I thought actors in platforming areas would be affected by gravity like the player, but that is not the case. The larger screen that putting the game on GBA provided just made the issue more obvious, as enemies would walk on air sooner.

Roguelikes aren't normally my thing, but this is pretty good

There's a newer beta on GitHub

That got creepy quickly. Here I was expecting something cute!

Sorry, I ran out

A simple, fun little puzzle game. I noticed the ROM's internal name is FIREEMBLEM7. Is this a Blazing Blade romhack?

This is what GBA Video was missing.

I liked this game! This controls were good, the music did its job well, and I like the artstyle. I would recommend adding sound effects. Also, the increase in difficulty is a bit too gradual at the start. Could you add a higher difficulty level that starts you a little way in?

Wow, this is really interesting. Not sure if I'm ever going to play it though. Awesome tech demo!

When I tried to select the furthest cup on the left when there were four cups, it would not let me pick it. I lost all my coins because of this.

I beat the game with a score of 250! Just try and beat that! :-D Also, I found a glitch: If you go through the game without attacking even once, the end screen still says you have a max combo of 1 when it should logically be 0.

Happy to help! 

Oh God, what have I done?!?

I'm doing well too, thanks!

Wesleyan Tetris is the worst version of Tetris I am aware of that is bad on purpose. It goes out of its way to pick disadvantageous pieces for you, makes up new pieces, occasionally gives you a piece different than the one the Next Piece box was showing, and insults how you play. It's an example your game should strive towards.

There's Hell Tetris, based off the xkcd strip and having a round floor. I would expect that you've heard of it. All the existing recreations I can find are in Flash, so that could be something to try recreating.

Then there's the launch version of Tetris Ultimate on PS4. That one... That one is not something you want to imitate.

I hope you enjoy these!

Hi. Hope you're doing well.

What is wrong with you? This is the second or third worst version of Tetris I am aware of.

Have a nice day.

Quite fun! I do feel like it could use some music, though.

If you measure the value of a game based on play time, then when you finish your first lap this game will have been the greatest bargain ever.

When I hold left and either up or down when against the left edge of the screen, I don't move up or down. This feels awkward and seems unintended, as it is inconsistent with the game's behaviour when holding a diagonal against a wall.

You'll need to buy a flashcart and put the rom on it

I know pointing this out might be annoying, but you used "it's" when you should have used "its" many times.

I think I beat the game, but I have a question about the ending.

Is the screen supposed to go all yellow like that at the end and stay that way, or is it a bug?

Cute and fun, but most of the music drives me nuts

I made it to level 8 and scored 757 points

I didn't know I wanted this

A cute read

I felt this game ended just when it was getting started. There was so much unexplored. Sure, it isn't terribly important to know things like why Arlette doesn't like other people, but I think it is really important to know, for instance, why Oaxa was sent off to die on Earth. It's the event that caused the entire story to happen, shouldn't there be a little elaboration? Still, the fact that I want to know more proves how interesting these two characters are.

The devs previously announced that they won't port ZeroRanger to other platforms until they finish adding more modes.

Is there any way to save other than save states?