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I had a lot fun playing this. Everything from the level design to the art style (though, as I said in another game with similar pixel art, I do like to have more colors, but that's just my personal taste) is great. It has those VVVVV vibes and made me wish for a bigger games with bosses and all.

So I do get the "turning up the heat" from the fact that we're in lava cave. Does the "multi-use" stems from the shoe that's also a weapon ?

Anyway, I had an awesome time, thank you !

Cute little button masher. And I even managed to escape the dungeon ! It's great that you implemented joypad controls, honestly.

Difficulty and spawning needs a little tweaking here and there (it seemed to me eating also restored your health, and since you eat all you beat, you're practically invincible), but other than that there's a good foundation for a fun game.

Half survival game, half text based story works well, the storytelling is reminiscent of old games like ShadowGate; I particularly enjoyed that all your actions take time and that the character is pretty slow, be it for gathering wood or reloading his gun; the game is on the unforgiving side, I just wished I had a lousy axe attack. Other than that it's hard to imagine this was done in just a week, the game is impressive !

This game's level of polish is astonishing. The level design is intelligent, the game mechanics are awesome and fit the jam's limitations, the pixel art is joy to look at (though I wouldn't mind more colors) and the sound design works well. I'm really impressed.

Would have loved to play this one with a controller instead of my AZERTY keyboard, haha. The game is competently made and I liked this Yuzo Koshiro'esque music loop that plays in the background. The fact that you have to use the bullet time to actually see the projectiles is a pretty neat take on the multi-use limitation. My only complaint are the enemies shooting through walls. Other than that, well done !

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The concept works well and there's a nice tension build-up. As with most of these jam games there's always room for improvement so here are my two cents, if you plan on building on this prototype:

- Was it a personal choice not to show how much "health" you got left once in the cold ? Maybe have the character trembling, or just a small visual cue to tell you the player that he's almost dead.

- First enemy wave can be brutal, maybe work on the difficulty increment.

- I found that I was longing for the ability to build other bonfires to progress through the night.

Clever game that makes the best of the jam's limitation by taking them at face value. The sleek and minimalist design works entirely to the game's advantage; It has this Stanley Parable feel to it.

 Just wished you had put the reset button on all puzzles (forklift will soft block you).

It took me some time to "get" the game's flow (namely, you have to take your time, and don't go burning your fuel all at once) but once you're started it's a really enjoyable and almost zen experience. Fuel being a mining tool at the same time is clever and really ties well to the jam's limitations. Well done !

Neat little creepy-pasta game. Reminded me of Lone Survivor in a way. That monster caught me by surprise. The game could benefit from having the sprites guiding the player a little more, I was sometimes lost between what were walkable areas and what were obstacles.

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First congrats for doing this solo and submitting your first jam game. There's definetely a lot to like here, from the graphics to the cutesy aesthetic and chara design. Where the game could improve in the future:

- I ended up beating the game (white screen) just planting the lamp and doing nothing. 

- It's not clear for now whether you're hurting the enemies or they are hurting you, but colliding with them, with or whitout the light bulb systematically made me lose.

I see a cool concept here, defending a loading base with the bulb, while it's parts are being attacked, and only being able to defend it with said bulb, thus juggling between safety and danger. 

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Letting it run in the backgrown rn as my minions are gathering branches. Wouldn't have thought it could be this addictive. I will not cheat though ! Music is cool too. Might keep it opened for some time in my browser.

Something tells me that you loved playing Lemmings as a kid ! Didn't expect to have so much fun just from reading the game's concept though here I am, laughing my head off at the sound of dying villagers. The platform jump has nice satisfying kick to it too, though a small music loop could carry the game even more.

Graphics are minimal but they more than do the job for the game's concept and I loved the humour at the beginning of each stage.

Great twist on the multi-use limitation. Died at the Strange Floating Disc Boss but I can see myself gittin gud as I retried, which is a sign a good difficulty ramping. Really fun game overall !

Bravo, je viens de bousiller mon clavier ^^ !

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Nope, Cypher2 is a software FM synth, but with an absolutely crazy modulation matrix. I mainly bought it as a knee jerk reaction to everyone using Serum lol, though it never, ever, disapointed me, whether I'd be making my own patches, or reworking some of the factory presets (and believe me, some of them are huuuuge). The only caveat is that tutorials are scarce and it can take some time getting used to the UI (the flip side of being an overwhelmingly complete and versatile instrument). Otherwise, outside of live jamming, when composing I use the Novation Circuit Tracks like a classic synthesizer and effect processor. It kinda sucks at pads and leads but is very, very efficient in creating deep bass sounds (case in point, this track I did, from the 1:19 mark ). Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I hope you had some fun during the jam !

Had to leave a comment, even this late into the jam. From the short format that makes it immediately accessible, to the almost samba vibe you keep throughout, man I just love it. You thread the path of organic instruments  and chiptuny elements perfectly (which is easier said than done correctly). Generally, when I can litterally see the game just by listening to the soundtrack, it's a 10 out of a 10.

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Here's the late, late review ^^ (sorry I'm in the wilderness, in a campsite with awful signal haha). Well, all I can say is that I got sucked both by the story you told about these salt statues, and this beautiful blend of digital ambient with an orchestral twist ! You seem to enjoy using white noise as both a component and diegetic element of your composition style, which is neat. An inspiring work, maybe even my fave so far.

Love the intertwining of digital and "real" instruments, and the epic tone overall. You really have a recognizable "style" that makes for memorable tracks. Also, please keep recording yourself on the violin, it really brings your style to another level.

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Beautiful melodies all the way through (The Mountain OMG) and I love the time leitmotiv you keep during the album. Though, as I have said to quite a number of other composers around here, it's always a bit sad to have hard cuts between tracks (namely from 1 to 3). I can only recommend that you put down a longer medley that compiles all your tracks and ideas in one single piece, because they clearly deserve it.

Late rating I know, but as a long time fan of Sakamoto's most experimental works (ie. the album he did with Alva Noto, you should defo check them out) this was a wild ride. I can see you had quite some fun with Ableton's operator, your work almost sounds like it was made with modular synths. I'm something of synth nerd myself. So go you.

This throws me back to old Motoi Sakuraba works, especially the choirs on "Whisper of the Forest", they remind me of Valkyrie Profile's OST. Also you manage to tell a compelling story with so few elements, keeping it simple and tidy. Would love a medley track.

The notes in the beginning represent the signal fading ! I see what you did here. Clever use of foley, and that bass sound sets you drifting. Also kudos for composing on a tracker (never got used to these things).

Taking a huge risk there, going all in with unadulterated dark ambient, is enough to warrant recognition. People tend to forget how many games do have an entirely ambient soundtrack (most walking simulators/survival horror games do, for example). These tracks convey what they're meant to convey (though I was picturing something lighter in regards to the picture theme), dread and horror (and occasionally drum and bass haha).

I'll start by saying I'll always have the utmost respect for someone composing with LMMS. The DAW can be finicky at times (to say the least) but it also has awesome built-in synths. I must say that you managed to get the most out of it with these retro inspired tracks. You've got a full story there. I can only insist that you add a streaming link, people might pass by your work by sheer laziness.

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Loving the main melody (the one that comes back to bite you in the end). I'll join other commenters in saying that I only  wish there were more tracks to listen to ! You definitely master orchestrations and writing, would love to hear your ideas developped fully.

From the very first seconds I knew I was bound for a good time. Not only do you know chiptune but you also master the composition style of games of yore (Megaman et al.) with the funky harmonies and intelligent use of glide. A pure banger.... and Unforgiving Therianthropy OMG ! I could dance to it.

Sooo you're the guy I saw on Discord talking about composing with the Polyend ! That's up there with Goldie's Timeless ^^. We used to have so much drum n'bass in our games in the 90's and early 2000, but sadly that trend died away. Glad to see you revive the flame. I also like that melody/synthesizer solo on Runaway01. I only wish I had another dnb banger to listen to.

I liked these somewhat experimental pieces. Again, I'm always impressed when dissonance is used intelligently, which you nailed on Lost Home (my fav) and They're Here. You seem a little less at ease with more conventional melodies (Freedom).  I'm also curious as to what DAW you used. This is good work nonetheless !

Dude ! This will probably go unnoticed for lack of a streaming link, but it really shouldn't ! That's an awesome folk song reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane and early Pink Floyd. Would have loved to at least read the story you had in mind for such a track.

Love that your music somehow let's your sense of humor transpire. Your writing style is damn serious nonetheless, with the organ on Covering Ground giving me some strong Walter Wanderley feels. Also you totally own dat MIDI instrument sound, not everyone can manage that without creating the infamous midi cringe. Dope.

Great Zelda/Koji Kondo vibes in this one, especially Story. These three pieces sound enchanting and they stay with you. A bit of shame that you have a hard cut between the tracks. The whole thing would really benefit from having a full medley track containing the three of them.

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You nailed something I rarely hear, that cinematic dimension, that feeling a world is living beneath the music... maybe also because electronic music and synthesizers do tend to resonate with me and that I really like the story you told, with this mechanical forest and kid messiah thing. I feel that we might have approached the theme identically, with quite some work done on designing environmental sounds and music to blend it with.

Why am I seeing a retro RPG game with Snes Graphics while your music plays ^^ ? These are simple, yet intelligently composed pieces that would fit perfectly with anything remotely retro. A Moment Of Respite stands out, it reminded me of the famous Diablo Tristram theme. 

This was highly unexpected. I appreciate that you took the risk of playing with dissonance, reaching almost atonal ambient landscapes, with Trying to Sleep being some kind of peak. The Green Tree almost sounds like some kind of John Cage experiment. These short pieces a rife with personality and I loved them all.

This is an impressive piece of work, no matter how you look at it. I don't really have anything more to add than what's been said below. Chiptune and Orchestral really make for a beautiful blend.

My nitpick, if you can even call it that, is that 21 track is definitely a lot of commitment to ask to the listener, when there are 191 entries to listen to, haha. Imho, you work would still have five stars out of five with only half the length. But I also do understand that you have a full story to tell.

Such lovely little pieces. Melodies are a throwback to old Uematsu work (especially the Village Theme). Also, I don't know what virtual instrument you used for the strings on The Child Theme but they come out really well. 

As for my personal advice, you really shouldn't be afraid to keep your pieces shorter, they work just as well, and sometime, a cool melody only needs one minute, though I must say you nailed the right balance with that really cute Forest Theme.


J'adore ! Le concept de la bestiole me fait penser à Lost In Vivo. Le travail sur les visuels est bluffant.

The nostalgia is strong with this one ! Reminded me of Cross Code's OST.

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I like that you went for a post-rock thing, this genre isn't getting enough recognition in the game industry IMHO (only game I can think of is No Man's Sky). My favourite track was Whispers In Your Head as a shorter format seems to work well in your favour.