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I'm currently working on a full version of this game. Your feedback is helping me in that. :D

Thanks for your feedback. The reason I added the timer is because if I didn't players would just play carefully and never lose. 


Well done 

oh ty

i meant key by button lol

Nice game

How do I avoid him getting distracted

Its really good but hard I recommend adding a button to open the notepad and auto focus to the notepad.


How did u manage to do this in 5 hours. It's so goooooood

It's really fun, Well done

How to play lol

This game, Is a masterpiece. Got to 52 :D

Thanks, I was going with that but i could get a lot of points and it got boring so i decided to do a timer system :D

Well done, got to 39. Its really fun

Glad u enjoyed it :D


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Thank you very much. I am probably going to make a full version for this game and with your feedback it will be a lot easier now. so again thank you

Thank you. I will try to fix it in full release :D.

Thanks. I'm glad you found my game fun :)


Thanks. im probably gonna make a full version of this game with recharge.

Thank you. also your game is awesome

glad you enjoyed it.


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Thanks. Don't worry I don't have friends either xD :D

Thank you <3




Very good idea. And good execution too. please also check out my game too uwu.

Awesome game. I love it. I played it like for an hour and it was worth it. (check out my game too).

Very cool game. I loved playing it. it's awesome

Thanks :D

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satisfying uwu

Thank you <3

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nice game. I made a similar game

I'm amazed how you made such a good game in just a week. graphics, controls, sfx everything is just perfect.