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well, this helped me figure out one thing. Always had the question of having the option to play without timer, or like you said, at least the tutorial levels. Kind of didnt want to remove the timer to force a certain pace, but if the player never learns the level because of all the pressure of having a timer plus all the frantic action, something has to be changed.

First, no map will start with the player wide in the open to be shot at. Then next to him will be a "machine" so that he can activate a training session. Basicly it removes the timer, makes the AI braindead so that the player can memorize their spawn locations, and doesnt save stats (you can still do the objectives to get an idea of how many to kill for what score, or what has to be done to complete the other ones, they just wont be saved when you restart or quit). Basicly you can take the time you want to learn without playing a toned down version.

That may help to give a breather, and a way to look at the space with time to really plan out something.

This is the big change im gonna try. There are others, like the audio feedback (eventually got to get some real audio guy to help out) and the kicking in air (a bug that still havent figured it out).

Thanks for giving your feedback

i playtest in the hardest difficulty and always try to get the top score to know that it is possible, but yeah, im thinking of toning it down in some levels like Courtyard and Checkpoint. I still want the hardest level to be a big challenge, but yeah... I think its the enemy count in a wide, hard to keep track of, area. The Bullet Time level has a lot of enemies but if the player does take time to think of a strategy and order of killing its a rather simple level to beat since they are confined in a small area , thus more predictable to manage

got some bugs here and there, nothing too major. windows version

only managed to leave the store menu by pressing TAB, and after that "meditation" thing that sends you to the white room the character wouldnt stand back up again, after pressing ESC and then resume to keep playing the character did stand up instantly. Then when I wanted to quit the game I simply couldnt, the quit wasnt working.

Outside of that, I found the hitboxes of the second enemy (before going to the depths) to be a bit off the moment he did the first slash then swirled his weapon to nail it to the ground, in that swirl it seems that it has a lot more range then it should, I kept being hit even being out of range (going by the sprite). Maybe its because the animation is fast and it did hit me, if so maybe keep the trail of the sword a little longer to be easier to tell his range.

The rest seemed fine, very smooth, nice clean visuals with their own look. Also liked the pacing, some focus on the dialog and story but not too much where it drags on and on and on....

Good sfx, very crunchy. They did seem to repeat for multiple purposes, if possible try to change that.

Certainly have something very good here. I liked it.

hmmm. I'll have to look into the completing challenge thing you mentioned since its one of the things that I assumed were bug free. If its not a bug then its making sure that nothing is particularly confusing.

You have a restart button, you can ser it on the controls. I'll put a tutorial pop in in the first room (like with the kick) since playing without knowing that can be annoying.

The sway, you mean the shaking of the camera like when you walk forward or the tilt to the sides when strafing? The strafing can be changed, its called Lean Amount in the options, the shaking cant, I'll look into it for future versions.

Question? What did you feel about the difficulty curve? Because I am very sure that there is a level in there that should be a bit easier and maybe show up later in the game.

I will eventually have to give a new look to the older levels, because not all of them have to feel like a final boss stage or anything in terms of difficulty.

Glad you liked it

So far from what I played it seemed to flow well. Maybe it felt to me a bit too linear, always felt that to progress the player had to follow a strict order, reminding me more of something like Resident Evil 1 where the world seemed like a puzzle with a strict solution. Now, I didn't get that far, its a genre that if played without patience then it becomes counterproductive, and if there were other ways to progress maybe I simply didn't see them since I no longer needed to go through there. I will give it another go latter on.

The overall look seems good, a bit too shiny, but it feels nice to navigate and see what else is around the corner. The locations even with few variety in textures do manage to feel different and unique. The sound seemed good except when you touch the remains of that spider bot, that noise comes out of nowhere. The music fits well with the visuals.

The combat with the wrench did feel terrible but in these sort of games it usually does, curious to see how it works with the other weapons.

All in all I liked it

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I am thinking of having the last level of each chapter be a bit more like a boss fight, in the last one of the demo has one but while it kind of works as a different kind of fight I don't feel like it succeeded as an actual bossfight.

When I finish the game I'm thinking of 9,99$. The remaining content would be two chapters that introduce more new stuff (new look for each, new enemies and weapons) and the epilogue (remixes of previous maps so that the player can experience them differently with all the weapons and enemy types).

Plus I may actually add a small story to it, a cutscene that plays at the start and end of each chapter to give a bit of context and an overall progression to the game. Wasn't planning on that but kind of figured it out that it might not be hard to implement and it will be fun to do while adding something that was lacking in the game for some players.

their behavior does not change, the time it takes for them to kill you does.

in the end they are rather dumb and predictable.

the things that change with difficulty are:

  •  the duration of the level
  • the time it takes for them to kill the player
  • the player health
  • the duration of the combo
  • a slight change it scoring for each enemy

the experience is very similar but it does change a lot how fast you have to react and the overall pace of the game. It exists mostly for that reason alone, to give a chance to players to feel challenged again after getting good at the game with having the game demand more out of the player, not necessarily to give something different. That's why I didn't bother much with changing their behavior.

a bit of a long ass response but might as well give a bit of a backstage approach to it and explain all that happens and my reasoning behind it.

you tried raising it? never got to know if anyone tried it, I play the game on the hardest when making new levels since i'm already very used to it and know all of what is going on, but other then two friends of mine I never saw it.

yeah, the slide killing objective in the second level isnt the best, I'll put it on a level with the machinegun (has bullet-time) or shotgun (easy one shot kills if close), with the pistol its annoying how its either by headshot (hard while sliding) or wounding the enemy first (dull and still not outright easy)

try restarting the pc  or downloading it again, you can re-use the saves to keep playing from where you left.

\Celled\Saved\SaveGames, do not copy the file "GameSettings".

then yeah, once its fully done I'll put it on steam

Never used the itch app, installed it and tried to run the game there, it did go to the website when I first tried, but now after that it seems to run the game fine.

I did change one thing, I forgot to check that it was a windows executable in this version so it might be that, now it will probably work well

(1 edit)

Added a feature for version 126, press R to ping the remaining enemy locations.

It will trigger automatically when there are 4 left.

Will add the rebind in the options for this feature, and will make the automatic ping be optional on another update soon.


its was on the same level, and i can now pinpoint its source.

its the sniper, still dont know exactly why.

when he reaches a certain "accuracy level" he flashes a strong beam of red light (you can hear it too), there is one sniper inside the room at the end of the first hall and one at the end of the long corridor. You can even see the black stuff coming out at the height of a character.

its one of those things that if I was making a pixelated horror game I couldnt make it work if I tried, and here it is, some black misterious fog chasing the player around, eheh.

hmmm, I saw a video where the player has the same issue. It only happened once and I never saw it happen before with anyone else, really suprised me has I have no idea what it might be, it seemed to follow an enemy. If its recorded could you send me the video to help me understand what it might be?


thanks for playing.

The final enemies issue is something that I need to take care off eventually, in some levels it can be a common issue

Very appreciated by your review, I agree on many points (you do make a very good point on the trials, it wont be something I will be changing soon as there are other priorities, like making it easier for the player to understand the game mechanics and be into the right mindset for the game, but I should take into account making some changes to that).

And the timer, I like the pressure of the race against time, but honestly you are right, that pressure is overwhelming so the player does feel the need to be a mad-man. I will make the timer optional and off by default, as an added difficulty and pressure for anyone that feels like it has conquered the game. It would basically make it a speed run mode of sorts.

Really liked your review because you clearly justified why you didnt like certain design choices, and for that I will take them very much into account.

Kind of weird, seems like I am reviewing a review, but yeah, I can see you did put a good effort into the game and your critique, so I should really say thank you, and thank you for playing.

Have a bug!!!

Thanks, im gonna try to make to make the tutorials more interesting and easier to learn,  trying to add a small window inside the pop-up that plays a short 5 second video exampling the situation, so no necessary need to read a wall of text, while making the player a bit more interested in seeing the tutorial (I hope)

yeah, im gonna add a border to it

The 117 version now has a tutorial to explain the health indicator in your hud. Like you said, the communication is lacking so far, and it really is a problem that I'm trying to fix. The health indicator was already there but its not a very obvious one, Im thinking of changing it.

Your video does seem to show another issue with graphics, the textures dont seem to be loading properly. Gonna have to check that too.

Thanks for the feedback.

Updated the first level to be easier to understand some game mechanics.

Welp, its already being taken care off, now you go through a part of the map first so that you learn about it.

Game slightly improved by your feedback, thanks.

Weird, not that I had many people trying out the game before but none had that issue of not being able to jump while the animation is playing.

Maybe try changing the key, instead of SHIFT test it out with something else, might have to do with the keyboard.

Just finding it really weird, I will look into it since the freedom of movement is an important part to the game I dont want certain players to be stuck playing a certain way.

The previous commenter said something about not being able to jump while sliding, gonna check that out, so far from everyone that played that never happened. Are you able to do that?

Also, you can double jump. Im gonna change the map so that the player learns about that instead of guessing that the game has it. 

If its none of that then I dont know, I may add a platform that gets turned on at the second failed jump so that the player doesnt need to do it there. Its not a necessary mechanic throughout the game, its just something that is good for the player to know he can do it (it does come in handy from time to time but its not mandatory like it is now in the first level).

Either way, thanks, I'll tweak it.