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their behavior does not change, the time it takes for them to kill you does.

in the end they are rather dumb and predictable.

the things that change with difficulty are:

  •  the duration of the level
  • the time it takes for them to kill the player
  • the player health
  • the duration of the combo
  • a slight change it scoring for each enemy

the experience is very similar but it does change a lot how fast you have to react and the overall pace of the game. It exists mostly for that reason alone, to give a chance to players to feel challenged again after getting good at the game with having the game demand more out of the player, not necessarily to give something different. That's why I didn't bother much with changing their behavior.

a bit of a long ass response but might as well give a bit of a backstage approach to it and explain all that happens and my reasoning behind it.

you tried raising it? never got to know if anyone tried it, I play the game on the hardest when making new levels since i'm already very used to it and know all of what is going on, but other then two friends of mine I never saw it.


After I finished all the levels I tried raising the difficulty, mainstream isn't that hard, but ultimate makes even the 2nd level seem impossible.