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hmmm, I saw a video where the player has the same issue. It only happened once and I never saw it happen before with anyone else, really suprised me has I have no idea what it might be, it seemed to follow an enemy. If its recorded could you send me the video to help me understand what it might be?


sure ill send an un edited clip of it it but from what i seen it seemed to have only happened from the turrets in chapter 1

here's the video of the errors ocurring


its was on the same level, and i can now pinpoint its source.

its the sniper, still dont know exactly why.

when he reaches a certain "accuracy level" he flashes a strong beam of red light (you can hear it too), there is one sniper inside the room at the end of the first hall and one at the end of the long corridor. You can even see the black stuff coming out at the height of a character.

its one of those things that if I was making a pixelated horror game I couldnt make it work if I tried, and here it is, some black misterious fog chasing the player around, eheh.