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All Day Dying DemoView game page

Singleplayer Score Based Arcade FPS
Submitted by paulojlopes — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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well, this helped me figure out one thing. Always had the question of having the option to play without timer, or like you said, at least the tutorial levels. Kind of didnt want to remove the timer to force a certain pace, but if the player never learns the level because of all the pressure of having a timer plus all the frantic action, something has to be changed.

First, no map will start with the player wide in the open to be shot at. Then next to him will be a "machine" so that he can activate a training session. Basicly it removes the timer, makes the AI braindead so that the player can memorize their spawn locations, and doesnt save stats (you can still do the objectives to get an idea of how many to kill for what score, or what has to be done to complete the other ones, they just wont be saved when you restart or quit). Basicly you can take the time you want to learn without playing a toned down version.

That may help to give a breather, and a way to look at the space with time to really plan out something.

This is the big change im gonna try. There are others, like the audio feedback (eventually got to get some real audio guy to help out) and the kicking in air (a bug that still havent figured it out).

Thanks for giving your feedback


Are the later levels even possible on harder difficulties? It seems like you just get instantly killed


i playtest in the hardest difficulty and always try to get the top score to know that it is possible, but yeah, im thinking of toning it down in some levels like Courtyard and Checkpoint. I still want the hardest level to be a big challenge, but yeah... I think its the enemy count in a wide, hard to keep track of, area. The Bullet Time level has a lot of enemies but if the player does take time to think of a strategy and order of killing its a rather simple level to beat since they are confined in a small area , thus more predictable to manage

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

this is a nitpick but i dont like the DAD logo

anyway this is super juicy/polished and I really like it. it gets ridiculously hard. I have two complaints: I wish there was a "restart" option on the menu for quickly restarting a level. I just kept changing some minor settings to reset it whenever I was grinding the score challenge.

second is that the head sway is kind of disorienting and I couldn't find an option to disable it.

also this may or may not be a bug, I can't tell, but on trial and CQC the "complete the course" challenges don't complete when I finish the level. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

but wow, great work. I can't wait to play more!


hmmm. I'll have to look into the completing challenge thing you mentioned since its one of the things that I assumed were bug free. If its not a bug then its making sure that nothing is particularly confusing.

You have a restart button, you can ser it on the controls. I'll put a tutorial pop in in the first room (like with the kick) since playing without knowing that can be annoying.

The sway, you mean the shaking of the camera like when you walk forward or the tilt to the sides when strafing? The strafing can be changed, its called Lean Amount in the options, the shaking cant, I'll look into it for future versions.

Question? What did you feel about the difficulty curve? Because I am very sure that there is a level in there that should be a bit easier and maybe show up later in the game.

I will eventually have to give a new look to the older levels, because not all of them have to feel like a final boss stage or anything in terms of difficulty.

Glad you liked it


Super cool.