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I have gotten this block recommend many times, but it's just compacting what is possible with like 8 blocks into 1 (for binary signals). Convenient, but not "2d".

Bridge block compacts like, I don't know, 20 - something blocks into 1 and makes it a lot more consistent. It also gives a lot more flexibility for container-extruder structures but just being an optional tube extension. Probably my least favorite block, but at least it's interesting.

Not having an easy wire crosser is what differentiates Roody:2d wiring from other wiring systems. A cheap difference that makes a lot of unique problems. Maybe those unique problems aren't fun in the long run, and more convenient wiring features will be added.

Block previews don't show the items they hold, and I thought red meant they couldn't be placed.

I didn't encounter a single non-mimic chest

For a while I tried killing enemies by clearing lines under them, but then realized that didn't count towards the goal.

I would focus on visuals and UI before adding any new features. I feel like I'm missing a lot of information when playing (resources, water ranges, can something be placed in a spot).

I've been leaving the game AFK for a while to see what happens, and it seems like I'm only gaining money with no downside.

The double jumping is strange
You can use it right at the beginning of a jump, smashing space twice, to get one big jump. You can use it at the top of a jump and it feels like a usual double-jump. You can use it at the end of a jump and the double jump does nothing. I suspect this is because the double jump is something like a velocity.y += constant
If you start a jump with A or D, you can change directions by double jumping while holding W or S, but you cant reverse your direction with D or A. If you start a jump with W or S, you can reverse your jump direction with S or W, but A and D do nothing. You are locked in a straight line.

Going from a flat plane to going down a ramp will always leave you airborne, practically disabling all of your controls, including double jump because it barely does anything when going down. Going from a upwards ramp to a flat plane does not have this issue.

If I do manage to cross a few obstacles quickly, I turn around to find that all the ground enemies walked over them quickly as if it was flat ground. The only way to get distance between you and your enemy is to hold S.

Pickups in general are difficult to see. I'm not sure if the grenade projectile has a model, I never see anything but the particle effect if its rolling around on the floor. I don't know what the purple power-up does, but I'm guessing its quad damage since its the quake quad damage sounds. Picking up a purple power up does display some "rip and tear" tier text on the screen, I don't know why this text couldn't just tell me what the power-up does. (note: i now know its the mask of madness but I still dont get that in-game)

Death screen doesnt have a quit to menu or quit to desktop options

Slow motion is useless. I never feel like the limiting factor in a situation is how fast I can react to things.

mouse camera controls and centering the camera rotation around the player would be an immediate improvement,
but keeping the arrow key controls might be the way to go if you opt to only have a few set camera angles (like 4 isometric views) so you cant just go from anywhere to anywhere. Its what Fez and Monument valley did, and I suspect level design will be significantly more difficult if you don't have a similar restriction.

The line dissapearing effect is pretty seemless, I thought it was just a shader artifact when I first saw it.

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not dying and some confusion: thats kind of the idea, but I think I'll add something to make it more obvious that the <spoiler> metal hole in the brick wall </spoiler> is the way to go
gloves have a weird grip: air acceleration is very high for some other mechanics, I need to add a way to temporarily disable it in the case you hold W while kicking off of a wall Wait i fixed that. If you mean not being able to jump in the last stage of climbing (when the camera shifts down), that is intended.

swapping mechanics on the fly: Currently everything but the rocket launcher is a passive. Later areas will have more features like the rocket launcher, and if you are holding multiple "weapons" (after some extra slot upgrades) you need to select them to fire them

Should be fixed in version 0.2.2 alpha.

Seems the fact that the player needs an empty hand for a lot of navigation and the fact that the player sometimes gets things stuck in their hand has collided. I don't want a softlock to be this easy.

Part of the design philosophy is to have all crafting, building, etc. be done in the world, not in a menu or inventory.

Being able to destroy blocks (not just pick them up) is a somewhat exclusive ability, currently only possible with the destroyer. I am leaning towards a destruction option since its a punishment for getting in a poorly planned predicament.

Expect something in the next minor content update. For now, the <reduce> cheat should save your saves.

Thanks for the report.

(hopefully) fixed in version 0.1.2 alpha.

Won with a score of 2000. huh.

Nice twist on SHMUPS, but the play-field feels pretty cramped. maybe make everything smaller and slower

Instead of making the game playable, the camera hypnotizes the player.

I like the manual map drawing, but to be useful it shouldn't be cleared when you start a new game.

I think i died and killed the boss at the same time and now i cant walk left/right

Are the later levels even possible on harder difficulties? It seems like you just get instantly killed

Make the controls just left/right and maybe rotate the camera with the guy

i dont like getting stuck on curves