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Very appreciated by your review, I agree on many points (you do make a very good point on the trials, it wont be something I will be changing soon as there are other priorities, like making it easier for the player to understand the game mechanics and be into the right mindset for the game, but I should take into account making some changes to that).

And the timer, I like the pressure of the race against time, but honestly you are right, that pressure is overwhelming so the player does feel the need to be a mad-man. I will make the timer optional and off by default, as an added difficulty and pressure for anyone that feels like it has conquered the game. It would basically make it a speed run mode of sorts.

Really liked your review because you clearly justified why you didnt like certain design choices, and for that I will take them very much into account.

Kind of weird, seems like I am reviewing a review, but yeah, I can see you did put a good effort into the game and your critique, so I should really say thank you, and thank you for playing.

Have a bug!!!