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Really innovative, although a bit confusing at first

Very simple, but fun. Congrats! I would change the hitboxes a bit

I liked the visual and animation, but at the same time, I think the animation to draw the device is too long. Good dialogs too

Awesome, I wish it had a more calm dificult curve and I had trouble with the mouse sensibility. But I loved the idea and the dramatic zoom on the wasted food

I was having fun, but a bug really spoiled my experience. The characther don't stay where I left them. But I love neon 10/10

I liked the audio, but other things really need some polishing, but you're aware of that. Keep going ^-^

The colision and the aplication of the rewind can be improved, but I liked many elements of your game, keep it on!

Fast and fun! I liked the filmstrip idea

Loved the clock idea. Happy I found it! I don't know if it is my fault but the second level was kinda confusing.

I don't know if it was intentional, but the transition when you die would feel better slightly faster. But what a lovely game, it's obvious it was made with love, nice job!

I had fun playing, but the sounds were a little turn off

Loved the idea to make rewind a more offensive mechanic!

The movement could be snapier, but I liked the idea! Congratulations

I tried to find a recommendation no one had sent, but looks like people covered it all, even the sugestion to use forms along with the color to increase the acessibility, so all I have left is maybe you should add some screenshake to improve the game feel. Anyway, congratulation for this is a fun and nice game!

I liked a lot! The atmosphere, the sprites... The only problem I had was when my character multiplied, the game went nuts.

I see a lot of potential!


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It was one of the most innovative I have played in this Jam

Well polished and fun! congratulations

oh ho ho delightfully devilish, Seymour

you're right, the obstacles really could be more explicit

I recommend you to play Super Time Force Ultra, OP was pretty "inspired" by it

I recommend you to play Super Time Force Ultra, OP was pretty "inspired" by it

claustrophobic, but I liked!

Loved the feel of the game! When I noticed I could reduce the damage clicking in the right moment I jumped

Loved the turorial keys disapearing as I pressed. You did great full of charisma!

I had trouble in the rewind screen sometimes.

the placement of buttons in the keyboard can be better

No need for the quotation marks in the win phrase, you made a game; and one full of potential. I hope you continue its development!

Your game was a fever dream, kinda surreal but soothing. I love the music and the idea. Great job!

Keep going! you're getting better

Awesome, I finished with 1 second and something left, it was thriling!

I had to search for the button to close the dialogue and the fact that the robot don't always start at the in the same position changed my experience, but great idea, full of potential!

So much charisma, loved the game! Unfortunately I had the same problem with waiting, I hope to see a refined version in the future

I liked the idea, but when I saw the skeletons I thought I could rewind them, it would be cool.

Love the idea, and the twist on the level design was top notch!