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This game lives rent free in my head. I was so excited to see updates resume this year :)

Gosh I wonder what could be down there 🤔 

not wrong

We certainly enjoyed watching you play! You seemed to have gotten the intended range of emotion (except frustration at the labeler, that could use a bit of polish if we ever come back to the idea!)

You got the vibe! 👍

Thanks for the feedback! You should be able to right click to get rid of customers with orders you can't figure out (or are buggy), but I definitely should have added a "that's not it" cue just in case

Oh interesting! Did you play for more than 30 minutes? (Thats the total length of all the music tracks)

Glad you enjoyed it regardless!

For such a simple concept, this is a delight!

Whatever you say, frog.

A delight to watch you play!

Notes for future players:

  • Cat Lady is in a shipping container
  • Collecting cats lets you progress upwards
  • Don't forget to open the door at the top :)

Hey, thanks for giving it a shot! Fortunately I don't think any of the issues you had are fundamental to the design of the game.. just the state of the prototype. Unfortunately that's where the game is going to have to sit for a while as the team navigates hardware failures on an approximate budget of $0.

Thank you for playing and hosting such an honest jam :)

Really enjoying trying to click all the buttons really fast :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I'm no audio person, so I had to make do with the tools I had 😅

Glad you enjoyed it!

What a great bundle, I'd like to submit Cat Earth Society for addition:

Although I'm going to have to call it quits at the first stealth section 😅😅

I'm still in the middle of playing this, but it's a lot of fun so far! Creative use of theme :)

Played this with Allar, we had to hit escape and continue to get past the black screen. We also soft locked once, but it could be the start of a fun Journey-esque puzzler!

I hope you go commercial with this :)

This is SO GOOD :)

The Cat-Earth Society is an action game made for the 2019 Epic Megajam. As a space elevator delivery professional stranded on Caturn, you need to deliver catnip in order to earn money to upgrade your ship for the trip back down to Earth.

The Cat-Earth Society


Controls should be visible on the game itself once you start!

Verrrrry good! I love the little details like how you fully embraced LODs and ultra-realistic dog textures :)

Dropping a link to Allar's playthrough here :)

This was a blast!