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A jam submission

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Go Plant Yourself
Submitted by Jestersheepy (@jestersheepy) — 30 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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Planted's page

Team Name
Pixel Collective

Gameplay Instructions
Movement - w,a,s,d
Jumping - Space
Higher Jump - Hold Space
Glide - Space while in air
Sneaking - CTRL

(Works with a controller other than menus)
Jump - 'A/X'
Sneak - 'B'

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Substance Source - Was used to assist the creation of a few textures (Bark, rock and leaves).
Soundly - Was the main source used to create our sound with others using our own voices/instruments.
Megascans - Only used and aided in the creation of our Mushroom warrior which used a mushroom scan for his hat.
UE4 Marketplace (DynamicLocomotion) - Animations we used for our main character.

All other content was created during the Jam (Meshes, textures and blueprint etc).

Link to Gameplay Footage

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...and how long have you really worked on it?



This was made during the Epic mega jam. It took us 7 days. No content was created prior to the jam. 


Probably my new favorite game in the jam :)  Awesome environments, and I really like the jump mechanic.  It's easy to get the hang of, and feels really good!


Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it and good to hear about the jump, there's still some improvements we would like to make :)

We really loved the art style and narrative in yours has a really nice pull!


This game is really nice :)


I'm still in the middle of playing this, but it's a lot of fun so far! Creative use of theme :)


Although I'm going to have to call it quits at the first stealth section 😅😅


Appreciate you taking time to play! 

How far did you get, is that the inside of the dungeon looking environment? It's a shame you won't see the final cutscene! :D


This game looks completely stunning! Can't belive that you made it during only one week. Amazing!


Thanks for the kind words, we worked hard to get what we could done :) 


I really like the games visual style and the background music. The gameplay is okay, but the jumping mechanics feels slow and a bit unpolished. I had also a issue with the guards, because they did seem to always knowing where I am, when they have seen me once, an they do this even after I got killed by them.  


I hear you, the difficulty does ramp up and there are times it feels unforgiving. It's all a matter of prioritising time with different elements and the enemies and jetpack could have had benefited from more time for sure. 


I am simply speechless by this submission. Volumetric lighting, enemy pathfining, killer UI and visuals overall, AND some cutscenes? HOW?! Very good job to everyone who worked on this project, I'm sure you'll all quite tired right now. My only feedback/complaint would be that the level design seemed to deteriorate in quality/smoothness of progression over time. I went from "another new area, wow!" to "how is there still more, can I be done yet?". Other than that though, amazing work!


Really appreciate the kind words man. Totally agree with you in regards to the level design and progression. The forest area is one that we wish we spent more time play testing and iterating on as it's a location that definitely feels like 'Can I be done yet?'.
Thanks for playing, finding it hard to find time to play all these cool entries, will give yours a go!