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suggest making time limit more noticeable.

maybe there can be a little sound when last 3-4 seconds and/or make the time appear somewhere easy to see when timer is ending.

fun game, an unexpected use of visual novel engine

we plan to update after the jam

i already fixed some bugs, just cant post it yet.

as for long range attack, we supposed to have that but i wasted time understanding animation system.

well, at least this is what we plan to work for now

it appears i have no longer have the highscore of 10

firetruck drops barrel, walk towards the barrel, you pratically play with 0 hp when score is near 10 tho. you wont die unless getting hit by enemy projectiles.

i also want fo finish this, what i planned was not player hardly getting 10 points, i wanted to let player power trip over enemies and bring endless destruction but i half of the time was lost in unity animation system.

you dont run out of time and as long as you dont get hit you should be able to play with no hp, as for combat i tried to understand unity aninations first day and coded entire game second day, i didnt had time.

i didn't had time to code, i was planning a wide range of fire based attacks and as you can see we had sprites ready too, we do kinda plan to finish the game and continue as 3 person team.

we got really good artist

fun, has pretty good graphics

cant pass fishermans

its fun.

i dont think this fits the theme of

game looks amazing but screen went white in what i guess as second part of attacking tutorial

cant pass second level

amazing game, everyone should try

cuteness is very important after all

it didnt work, both my and enemy shots has no range and gets destroyed immediately, when i start the game again they directly go down and finish the game again(at least i played a second time on downloadable version)


it didnt work on me

interesting idea, you can make a apk of this too i guess

game was supposed to be a power trip game, letting player destroy everything. and incerase the difficulty by enemy quantity(i hate it when even random enemies starts taking no damage because of enemy difficulty scaling)

i only had time to code the melee attack tho.

also spawning more enemies crashes unity, i am in vacation rn because of that i am using old laptop.

i see firefighter tho.

so in the end, fire chases firefighters

well you see, there was supposed to be more fire, but i didn't had time to code that, because of that main character takes the matter in her hands.

the concept was that there is fire but we are the fire, then we make it anime girl as it may get people attention, we also liked it that way too. 

interesting idea, good graphics, smooth animations and it has sound

hoomans strong together

i dont like meme games but it had necoarc tho.

circle it, but beware, it can hit you easier if you are above it and it summons 4 firefighter when destroyed

you need to get near and beat them up to death by spamming the click on your mouse, because i didnt gad time to code the fireball

5 stars, i like this

5 stars, i like this

unity animation was confusing

i accidentally commented here for something else lmao

art carries the game

i dont think i can give a rating since i dont understand what to do, but most importantly controls caused a headache on me

i have already failed to pass my score of 6 three times

very good and enjoyable