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Outside the Fox

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Woohoo, thanks for your kind words! Sorry for the poor optimization, since it was our first 3D experiment we do not really know anything about how to make it effective (and it was running quite smooth on our machines). If you would like to, we can try to create some more cpu friendly build (or if you are interested in seeing later levels, somewhere between F1 and F10 is a key that allows you to skip a level, heh).

Thank you for your comment! We experimented with Unity post-processing volume this time - and the global graphic effects like tone mapping or fog helped us to put together multiple distinct assets:)

Whoa, thanks for your kind words!

Thanks for the feedback, we are glad that you enjoyed our game!

We are glad that you enjoyed that! Thanks for taking your part in documenting the citizens of the universe:)

Another way maybe would be to give it an outline/drop shadow with that second color that you are using, that way it would be never completely lost.

Shaders sounds like the right way to do it, but since I am not very skilled with them (and also it is a jam piece, so there are really not many benefits to doing things the right way), I would probably just get the position of the mouse on the screen, raycast from there to find out if the cursor is over the cloud and if yes then swap the sprite for the white one. Seems like the easiest way to do it:)

Thank you!

This was super innovative! I would love to see more mechanics based on gesture communication with alien entities:)

I am not really a huge fan of this type of games but I got to admit that you did an awesome job with the UI - you really managed to put tons of information on one screen while still keeping it clear and understandable. Hats off to you!

This could be expanded into something longer, the core premise and mechanic are really interesting! It little bit reminded me of caterpillar-like creature named Spot from The Whispered World adventure, I think that it was also changing into different shapes to overcome obstacles:)

Thanks for the game!

I went with the entity all the way to the end and still failed somehow. I was a little bit confused, but maybe that's how it goes with unknown intelligent life! Bold and interesting mechanic, thanks for the game!

Took me a moment to figure out what I am supposed to do, but the art direction and sound design was awesome:) Great job! Have you composed all these musical pieces?

Also a little suggestion, it would be good for the cursor to turn white (instead of black) when over black clouds at the border of the screen:) or to be able to use a keyboard, since it is already used during the minigame anyway.

Magical:)) And the environment working against you is hilarious!

The overall design is really smooth! Not just the petri dish and environment, but also the font and iconography, truly elegant. And the concept is super interesting (although a little bit confusing and short):) Thanks!

That was a wholesome experience!

The animations are so smooth it is unbelievable!

This game is cozy and feels nice:3

A really unique-looking game! And the alien sudoku was a nice touch:)

Simple looking, but it was much more fun than I expected it to be (based on the thumbnail), great job! I would suggest adding some simple texture to the ball, so the player would be better able to judge which direction and how fast it is spinning.

And out of curiosity - are you able to finish all these levels? I am gonna admit that I had to give up after a while.

Whoa, that portal effect was quite impressive! Sadly during my playthrough, the text was probably bugged since I was able to only see the first two lines of text (but I suspect there was more since sentences sometimes ended in the middle). Seems like I missed a huge part of the story because of that, I will gladly play the game again in the future if you plan to fix it:)

Cute graphics and sound effects!

Great atmosphere overall! I haven't played a game with this good lovecraftian vibe for a while:) After trying for a while I was able to reach a successful ending. But to be honest, I am not really sure how I managed that. Is there some correct way to deduce the symbols or it is a guessing game (depending on the goodwill of the old gods?)?

The overall art is gorgeous and the idea is fresh! But as was already suggested by another commenter, I think it would be more engaging if the gameplay was more fast-paced:)

I like the visuals and the story sequences! But I would really recommend adding some more feedback to player-enemy interaction - to be more sure if I am hitting something (or if I was damaged). For example particles, sprite flashes or some sound effects could be a nice idea.

Interesting simulation! Would you mind sharing some of the resources you have used while learning Unity DOTS?

Great visuals and sound design (one of the tracks somehow reminded me of a song from Nightmare before Christmas!). It would be awesome if the game was a little bit longer and if there was more feedback on whether the player can interact with something (I was not sure if I am just clicking on bad space or if this particular item could not be used there). Thanks for the game!

I love the overall premise of candy fighting against humans!

I didn't expect to see a real-time strategy here, good job! It would be awesome if the camera could be also moved with the keyboard. Also as another commenter already said, I was not really sure why I am not able to place my building sometimes where I wanted them to.

Right now it seems like the player has to wait often for something, but it could be a neat base idea to expand into some bigger strategy game!

Whoa, that was pretty well polished!

Also from now on "eňimal" is the only correct way to pronounce "animal".

Interesting concept and the visuals remind me of good old era of flash games!

Woohoo, I really dig all the different surreal backgrounds (and it would be even more awesome with some voiceover). Thanks for the game! Out of curiosity, was this made with Charles Engine FMV?

Simple and fun, thanks for the game!

Quite stunning! And the mechanic of watering different flowers is interesting, do you plan to work more on this concept?:)

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Please do judge us based on the valid jam submission you can find up there under the name Final GDS Jam

But we do not like to leave our games unfinished, so we've made an after-jam build, where we fixed a few minor bugs (unfortunately, we missed the deadline by a few minutes). The build can be downloaded here:

It's nothing game-breaking, but it does improve immersion by quite a bit. We've changed the following:

  • Fixed missing collisions with objects (simple layer issue)
  • AI now tries to properly avoid objects (same layer issue)
  • Player hands now don't clip through walls
  • AI now has proper idle animation when not walking
  • Fixed minor UI issue with text being too big in later levels
  • Baked Global Illumination. This, however, has no noticeable effect on the way the game looks as far as we can tell.

Hello! Would it be possible to contact you somehow? I am conducting an academic research about horror games and your cooperation would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Please reply here or contact me on Twitter @Sir_Krys.

Interresting, but all of the paintings feel a little bit too same, with little variety. It could've made for a nice puzzle game of some sorts, but as of now it's missing any kind of gameplay. Or, maybe I've only missed it...