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Yes the game becomes pretty easy if you know what you are doing, so I was going for the first time play through experience. I will definitely watch out for the balancing if I were to develop a longer version.Thank you for playing & your comment!

I like the idea of really piloting a spaceship in first person instead of just the usual WASD. Very cool concept! The button is a little buggy but it's all good, the game is still fun. Good job!

Very cool looking! I like the level design, reminds me of Half-life / Doom. Very impressive, I'd like to see a full version of the game!!

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Super funny game! Great graphics! I like how I can YEET the chicken around, very amusing. Good job!!!!

Literally out of control! I wish I can see a meter showing when will I start the next random jump (give me minimal amount of control please!!! haha) Also, kind of hard to see the level layout with the current camera angle. Maybe it would be nice if I can move the camera during gameplay. Fun game, good job!

Didn't expect a first person platformer game! The ambient & the gameplay reminds me of The Talos Principle. Good job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!!!

Very unique art style! Love the hand drawn feel to this. This game makes me to be extra-precise & caution when shooting, great job!!!

This reminds me of the old Doom in a good way! Very great 2D shooter indeed. Good job!!!

I got it! Nice!

OMG What is that music? It's soooo good!! The game ends + the music stopped + the big-o nuke crashing into the planet = the best ending ever! Good job on the graphic, the chaos and the exciting atmosphere. Btw what is the Easter egg? Can you give me a hint?

Yeah if you look at the words on the screen it should say something like: the fence is too full! It is to limit the amount of sheep in 1 fence (only 4 sheep at a time is allowed), and also add a little humor + little out of control element. I know it is a bit confusing because there is no visual cue on the fence, but I just don't have the time to add that during the 48 hours. Anyway, thank you for playing!!!

Not bad! One thing I would change is to simplify the rule such that it will be clear to the player. Maybe some simpler rule + color coding / icon to represent the rule. After simplifying it this could be a big mobile game hit! Good job!

Great art and great music! If the base is at the center & there are multiple black holes coming from different direction then this would feel even more out of control! Good job!

Thank you! I will definitely try yours!

Thank you!! I will definitely think about a longer version later.

Nice art style! That skeleton is so tanky!

Wow really great, nice fit for the theme and nice execution. The chaos in the classroom is so well-expressed. Good job!

Nice and cute puzzle game! The out of control element really makes decision carefully before you move. Great game mechanic design and cute art, good job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

I really appreciate your kind words! I'm happy that you have fun playing the game, it means a lot to me. Thank you!!!! :)

I don't expect this to be this good! Really like the "the one" upgrade, very special and you become Neo in the matrix, very genius idea. One thing I would change is amp up the movement speed of the main character, it would be a lot more fluent during combat. Good job!!!! I love it.


EXTREMELY hard for me, I only get pass the tutorial...Good game!

Pretty good. I like that you spent the time making different types of weapon according to their stats. For example the melee weapon can be a dagger, a sword of a big spear depending on the range dice. Cool details. I also like the movement of the character, very smooth. Add a little bit of screen shake, blood splat & a boss fight and you have yourself a pretty cool game. Good job!!

Damn that cat has insane skills! Good job! Really funny and chaotic game.

Haha:) Chill to scary in a second! Thank you for playing!


Funny art, funny dialog. Game play element is a bit lacking but it is still a funny game to play. Good job!

Great art style, cute sheep indeed. Like the giggly eyes. Good job!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the kind words!

Very cute and very funny! I like how he just throws the babies around and the babies are all fine haha. Good job!!

Thank you for playing this game!

Not bad at all, in terms of control, visual, and game feel. If you make it such that the player only have limited time to live (like the fire of the player will diminished over time), then it would better match the theme + back up your speed run feel of the game. Good job!

Not bad!! Looks like a crazy pinball machine + a little bit of trail and error, I like it!!

Great art work. If the mechanic is changed such that you can only control one unit at a time, I think that would be quite interesting.  You need to switch unit back and forth and try to put out fire across the map, I can envision that players would feel more tense and out of control during the fire. Good job! Great execution on your idea!

Camera should zoomed out a lot more. The lighting is pretty well-executed tho, good job on that!

Thanks! I'm glad you find it funny:)

Really great game and great concept! One thing I would have changed is that the walking and the fire is turn based (if I understand correctly), but the moving brick that is blocking you is in real time. But then the moving brick will serve no purposes because I can just wait it out, and the fire won't catch me. If the moving brick move according to the turn clock then it can become a major puzzle element (I have to count whether the block will be in front of me when I arrive near the brick). Anyway, I really enjoy the game, nicely done!!!