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I'm disappointed, but I realize you guys have the final say here and have every right to do this. Likewise I really appreciate that Shacknews is putting money up for gamejams and will definitely still participate so long as those new rules are put into action.

Let's see if the cheaters win next time!

We're giving Kushal a break because he didn't place as highly and he's very young. I think it's obvious there was vote manipulation there as well.

I vote they're both disqualified. Thank you again for your diligence romsteady!

It's a pretty common issue here on itch. Honestly when there's prizes of any sort the judging should be done by a trusted panel rather than relying on the rankings.

Having all your friends rate 5 stars is just as much cheating.

Here's an album showing what I'm talking about: alts

Actually, now that I'm looking into it, looks like Leap of Faith and Changer both also have some brand new accounts talking about how amazing the game is...

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Weren't Leap of Faith and Why You Do This to Me disqualified on the stream? The former asks for payment or makes you watch ads. The latter has blatant vote manipulation; just look at the age of all the accounts that commented on it and the number of votes compared to the other games.

Fantastic art and music. I'm not really seeing how it fits the theme but you have the starts of a great castlevania style game here!

Thanks for trying it out! I definitely was trying to keep the art style and music lighthearted given the inherit grim nature of the concept. A game show framing could totally work towards that as well!

Thanks so much!

Psh, nothing but pure objective truth here ;)

Thanks for the feedback, do you think it would play better if it started out slower (more time) and gradually increased in speed up to the current speed?

Thank you!

In a classic "trolley problem" situation you are often incentivized to go the utilitarian route and choose what appears to benefit the most people overall. My argument is that there's just way too much unknown context to make a sound choice, and I'm showing that here by having half the info reveal only afterwards. Whether that's an argument for or against utilitarianism though I couldn't tell you ;)

Thanks so much for playing and rating it! I totally agree about the mp potential, could be very interesting to see more objective statistics.

Thanks so much!

Thank you! I enjoyed your entry as well!

I like the general style of the models, but the environment just felt odd to me because it was repeated the exact same way. Also I died in one hit to the policeman; maybe that should happen after 3-5 hits. The bat animation was good and I would play more of this if there was more stuff to bash up!

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Open your scripts in VS Code and see if it auto-detects the error for you. You'll want to look for a triangle symbol with an exclamation in it, down at the bottom of the editor.

More info on using VS Code with Unity here:

The story and world are intriguing; you know I love an rpg where you have to consider the moral implications of your actions! ;)

I did encounter a bug where the cave would remain dark, but after reloading it worked correctly. Also I would have liked for the mobs in the starting side of the cave to be easier so you have to rely less on luck to level up and make it safely through. Alternatively you could have a starting area with mobs that are easy to train up on.

Hope you expand on this world some more in the future!

The camera switching you around when you change direction is very jarring and hard to play with. That said I think is a great show for your first game and I hope you keep making them!

I'm still unable to play this one, getting a javascript syntax error referencing an invalid character somwhere. Good luck!

Downloaded the game and played a couple rounds but then it asked me to watch an ad or pay $1 to continue playing. The art style is nice and the app itself seems very polished, but a game jam submission shouldn't have ads or a paywall.

Really fun concept, reminds me of the old block castle flash games I used to play.

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Love the pixel art and concept. I would have liked some music/sfx and the ability to zoom out with the scroll wheel. This could be a really neat populous-style god game where you control the weather entirely, maybe flooding or choking entire river systems based on rainfall.

Hope you continue working on it!

Good mechanics and visuals. I would add a negative sound effect when you accidentally swat one of your allies so the player gets more feedback that they did something wrong.

I really liked the animation that plays out when youg et the sword, and the chest innkeeper was pretty funny. The game could really benefit from some music and sfx, but this was a great submission!

Even without much of a goal this was super fun. Great visual style as well and I loved the museum/autograph signing on the left side of the map ;). Keep it up!

Great concept, I'd love to see you expand and continue working on this game!

I think it could greatly benefit from sound effects when hovering over and selecting UI elements, as well as from a tutorial explaining the mana mechanic. One of the better submissions for sure though!

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Hey, not sure if you meant to set a price but that will get you disqualified from the jam. you need to ensure it's available for free during the jam so everyone can rate it.

Other than that, congrats on completing your game!!

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This was a blast, huge thanks to everyone that played and rated my game!

EC have put a lot of time and thought into their guidelines, I think adopting them would be a great idea.

There's some screenshots of what I'm seeing. I'm still able to walk around, jump, shoot the guards, and collect loot. Once I reach the last screen (with all the numbers and arrows) I can continue forward but the room will always look the same.

Thanks for the reply! It's awesome that your group is supporting indie game dev with prize jams like this!

I tried it out a few times but around halfway through people would always start disappearing or falling apart when I talked to them. It was hilarious but do you have any tips to avoid that?

Despite that this is probably my favorite of the bunch for its surreal tone and dialogue. It's right up my alley and I had a ton of fun reading everything. Keep up the great work!

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There's a great foundation here, it really just needs a more definitive goal. Maybe even just some sound effects and a "Level 2" popup when you collect all the gems would do the trick. Pixel art looked awesome with the filter effect!

I also couldn't really get the game to work as you had intended. The most I got was an ability to fly around the samurai mode, which was nice because you crafted a beautiful cyberpunk cityscape. The glitches almost contribute to that aesthetic, honestly really interesting!

Never played the original but looking at some videos of it I would say you improved the gameplay substantially! This was a great idea and use of the theme.