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Thief...with guns. What if Garrett went about stealing Lord Bafford's prized scepter by just shooting all the guards?
Submitted by Conan — 58 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline

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Use of Theme#42.9813.333

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Played with the mesen core in retroarch and the tiling wasn't working correctly for whatever reason. Still, very impressive and unique project, I have no idea how one even starts to make an nes game!


Thanks for playing it! Could you describe just a bit what you mean by 'the tiling wasn't working'? Were the graphics not correct?


There's some screenshots of what I'm seeing. I'm still able to walk around, jump, shoot the guards, and collect loot. Once I reach the last screen (with all the numbers and arrows) I can continue forward but the room will always look the same.


Huh, interesting. I haven't seen that at all. It's using the wrong tilesets but still the right room layouts. 

I've actually just downloaded it from the site and tested it just now in retroarch with Mesen core and it was fine. Maybe try re-downloading it?

Sorry you're having that issue, and thanks for trying the game.

haha!  Yeah Thief is kind of a short game, with a machinegun :)   If anyone's wondering, it only took 30sec to install the masem emulator.

I'm not sure how to rate this one considering it's a mod. Though it seems like you're the only submission in the mod category right now? Only game I haven't played yet is Assaulted, so maybe that one is a mod too.

You have done 100% exactly what you set out to do. Game functions directly as advertised. Unluckily, adding a gun to Thief makes the game way too taffing easy.


Thanks for the comment, though this isn't a mod - it's an original NES game. The descriptive of "Thief with guns" is in reference to the theme of the Game Jam, "____ with guns".

It's certainly inspired by Thief, make no mistake, but I did all the sprite and tile work from scratch.

Wow, that's really impressive. Apologies for the mistake!


Also, in case it's not clear, I'd strongly recommend playing this in Mesen or Retroarch with the Mesen core. The mapper this game uses doesn't have broad support yet.


So this was envisioned as a take on the first level of Thief Gold - stealing Lord Bafford's prized sceptre. So the victory condition is getting the sceptre.

I was originally going to have a cutscene explaining this, but I ran out of time.