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I think I'd have to be completely high to make any sense of this one haha!  The characters bouncing around the screen and randomly exploding is as far as I got.  Couldn't make any sense of the controls, but just goggling at the craziness brought a smile to my face!

Completely blew me away.  The Introduction story brought chills to my spine (remember I know nothing about The Binding of Isaac, so have no idea how much was borrowed from that game.  Judging by the steam page screenshots, the gameplay is quite similar) and the storyline of being a demon with human understanding was perfectly introduced:  I immediately knew why I was playing the game, and what my character's motivation was.

The gameplay -- regardless of borrowing -- is totally intuitive and exciting, and just playing with the keyboard I took to it immediately, and had a blast, playing to the 'To Be Continued' message.  I only got one of the powerups (crusher)

Bugs:  The Intro fades to black, and ended there on Edge.  I got past that to the gameplay on Chrome, but not sure how.  English text needs some cleaning up in the Intro, but not so much as to remove the strength of the phrasing.

Summary:  I loved it.  Great job, this wins the Shackjam hands-down for me!

Loved the tv framed as a playing field, and the golf idea.  I've played the old vector graphic cannon shooting games with windspeed & powdercharge, and instantly took to the idea.  But oy the mouse control was very frustrating for me;  the pointer was going out of focus if dragged too far, and controlling both charge & angle with the mouse didn't work well for me

I'm a complete sucker for an FPS, and played this for a bit. The variety of weapons was more than I expected, and watching a crowd fall like tenpins to a rocket was amusing!  I do wish there was a mouselook invert option, as well as some health powerups.  Not bad!

I got a yirl-loader error after buying a new shirt, but I like the concept quite a bit!

Had no luck getting this one to work beyond the arm waving :)  even with the dropbox update.  looks interesting though!

Got a yirl-loader runtime error after a bit, only got to buy a new shirt :)

tough!  I never got out of the first dungeon!

Bummer, I tried to run this on the Vive using Revive, and can't get any oculus game/tutorial to display on the headset, they only show as a window on the monitor.