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Those aren't votes, just the amount of people who have rated the game, correct?

How exactly is scoring determined at the end of the ratings period? Is it an average of the ratings?


I have fair reason to believe that one of the participants may be using alt accounts to manipulate the scoring system. This will doubtless skew the results, especially with so few people participating in the ratings.

I was unsure how to message Romsteady, so figured I would post about it here. How would we best investigate and respond to these concerns?

Wow, that's really impressive. Apologies for the mistake!

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Okay, I was able to replicate the glitch with the dragon fight not triggering the "shoot" box or any additional fireballs/text. I think it might be tied to shooting the shopcart keeper AFTER receiving the king's seal and money to buy the sword. I think it breaks something in the gamestate that recognizes you have the sword, which in turn breaks something in the dragon fight. But I haven't found anything conclusive.

I really should've fixed the first-measure gap in the "gunshot/glitch" track version of the main peaceful theme. If you shoot something at an inopportune time the random cut-out of the heavier track is really jarring and confusing. Or at least it seemed to me after hearing that damn track so many times.

I'm not sure how to rate this one considering it's a mod. Though it seems like you're the only submission in the mod category right now? Only game I haven't played yet is Assaulted, so maybe that one is a mod too.

You have done 100% exactly what you set out to do. Game functions directly as advertised. Unluckily, adding a gun to Thief makes the game way too taffing easy.

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Simple enough concept, PacMan with guns. Okay, sign me up.

There's the base of a really fun game here. Unfortunately adding a gun without adjusting the mechanics really ruins the challenge of PacMan. Maybe have the skeletons be more of an immediate threat? After all, the ghosts in PacMan will kill you instantly. You should also consider tying the ability to use the gun into a "powerup" like the cherry in the original PacMan.

Game suffers from a lack of "ending" besides game over, and no real sense of achievement for picking up gems. It seems like the skeletons are gathering gems too, but I can't really discern a reason to STOP them, ya know? Just let them have their fun. I'll just chill in the corner not getting noticed. You do you, skelly-dudes.

The absolute most important critique I have is that you have to cHanGE tHAt FUCKinG SOuND.
BELEpp BLopP BleoiuP Blopapi BLAHHGP MAKE IT STOP, good lord! Even with pitch variation, that sound effect on gem pickup is grating enough to inspire minor headaches, no joke. I couldn't play more than 10 seconds without giving up on the main objective.

Complaints aside I was pretty impressed by your AI for the skeletons, as well as the clever spawning system which ramps up the difficulty. I think the doubling and respawning was a superb idea.

I commented briefly on the game page, but wanted to add a couple things here.

I thought the squelching sound for walking was fucking hilarious for some reason. After playing some of the other entries, it was a relief to get to something that was recognizably "game"-y and had an intuitive goal. I appreciated the easily read instructional text at key points of the game, though maybe you should add some directional arrows at the start to encourage the player to go offscreen for the first time (and thus "learn" about the principle of getting to the other rooms of the game).

Great use of the game jam theme as well. Should be fun to revisit this once you've added everything you were planning on adding.

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The music choice seemed fitting, and I love the oddball humor you're projecting.

I'm also really perplexed. I couldn't tell what my goal was in this game, nor could I achieve any sort of task, let alone reach an ending. It looks like you tried to play off some major bugs by breaking the 4th wall and addressing them via character text; it's actually a brilliant strategy in this type of game, even if it didn't quite end up making sense yet. Though it was pretty hilarious watching everyone I talked to slowly explode and fly off into the distance. Rest in pieces, Ronald Resident.

Also, on your connection to the theme... It's a real shot in the dark to base your entire game 'round a misfired pun.

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Unfortunately, I also struggled getting the game to work. Upon launch, I hear a beep, then find myself in a menu that seems to have some sort of resolution size issue. You can click the text box at the bottom of the screen, but you have to search for the correct spot, as it's not immediately apparent. Nothing you type in this box seems to do anything except make another beeping noise and then display what you typed on the left of the screen.

The right side of the screen has a "City Exploration" option which immediately CTDs. If you select the "Play Simulation" instead, you're taken to another broken menu with three options and screwy resolution. All three options will also CTD.

The game's unplayable right now, but it looks like you have some cool concepts in mind,

Fun concept. I found the head-exclusive hitbox pretty frustrating when trying to shoot the agents with L or J.

Glad you liked it!