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MYNT is a new rules-light pen and paper RPG system that only requires 2d6 to play. It's my first attempt at such a system and is focused on the storytelling and roleplaying aspects of pen and paper games over. MYNT stands for Maybe, Yes, No, Twist because failure doesn't mean a story is over, and success doesn't mean everything is working. As a system it should work with any setting.

The system can be found here:

Any feedback would be welcome.

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The Integration Game is my first game and was created for the 1-bit Clicker Jam. It's available here: https://onegamedad.itch.io/the-integration-game

This game puts you in the shoes of an immigrant in Finland attempting to begin the government run integration process. It's a Twine game so it's nothing more than a simple text adventure through the realms of Finnish bureaucracy. It's not 100% accurate as every individual has differing needs when it comes to integration, but it does cover the broadest categories of immigrants in Finland. Of which I am one.

I don't know if it was intentional or because you were becoming more skilled as you built the game but the switch to a parallax background once the story reached Brooklyn was really good. I know the beach may have made use of it in the beginning scene. But it helped evoke a sense of there being more out there, more possibility to being in New York than what remained of San Francisco.