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To help those who may be struggling with creating something, I'm providing a sample of different works in different mediums to inspire and spur your imaginations. Personally I start every day with a small writing jam where I find a piece of artwork by an artist, whose work I haven't used before, and then write whatever comes to mind in 20 minutes. Maybe doing something similar will be of help to you.

Here are this week's prompts:

Witness & Write has just been released here on itch!

Take a walk and be mindful of the environment to get inspired. Then write!

Witness & Write is inspired with the mindfulness practice of witnessing, where one states everything they see in simple terms to enter the moment. Once in that state it's time to write! Or if you've been inspired before that time get to it!

Play Witness & Write here!

If no one else has volunteered then I'd be happy to.

I announced it over on the Waypoint forums, but here's my homebrew system for pen and paper games. It's what I'm using for the adventure I'm writing.

Just thought you should know, I finalized the system and updated/expanded a few things. There weren't any major changes. But I did add a section about vehicles, mechs, items, etc. And gave more examples. As well as changed up the CC license a little.

Thanks for the advice.

All Hail the Algorithm aka episode 101 is going to be the title and inspiration for my game. So I'm sure you can guess what the stylings will be. 

I'm planning on writing an adventure using a game system I created. But I wanted some feedback first, as it's  been a while since I've played any pen & paper games.

  • How many player characters should it be for? I was thinking of including pre-made characters for ease.
  • Should it include a map?
  • What's a good number of encounters for an adventure?

Any other advice would be great.

If you're looking to for a team or team members then use this thread to find people. Be sure to also check the Discord channel.

Sounds awesome. I hope you'll share it as I'd love to read it!

Sure thing, I do intend to release it free of charge using creative commons but as of right now it isn't. I just haven't had much time to test it.

So any feedback you have would be great. 

What are you doing game-wise? What are your plans?

Ordlek community · Created a new topic Welcome

Welcome to Ordlek, the game jam taking place at Arbis Helsingfors. Whether you're on the course I'm teaching or just participating I hope you have fun. That said, please feel free to ask any questions about using Twine or offer your help. And be sure to introduce yourself to the others participating.

I updated the UI to give an better indication of which room you're currently viewing as well as how many people are watching the stream. All with the purpose of providing more control and better immersion. Really should have done this sooner.

And thanks so much for the feedback. Glad to hear that people have been enjoying it and felt the tone/world was consistent. I know I originally mentioned the apocalypse and there isn't much of that beyond references currently. Hopefully in the future I can add more storylines and endings. But that requries additional features I need to develop first. Just wanted to make sure I had a complete working bunker before all else.

Thanks. That's an interesting take on that phrase. For me it was a simple reference to MTV Cribs and how often I remember, maybe incorrectly, people saying it. 

It's also surprising you thought the tone was unified. I didn't because I felt that I was trying to shoe-horn in jokes at points that weren't funny. Or I was trying to allude to things going on that the rest of the game wasn't supporting. Regardless, glad it did something for you.

Live From The Bunker is now available at:

Live From The Bunker is now available!

In our modern world we share everything, at least online. So why not share your secret lair with more than your bunker buddies. Take a tour through your bunker using the built in security system to show off how you'll survive the apocalypse in style! Prepping has never been so snazzy or social media friendly!

This game was created for New Jam City, the Unofficial Waypoint Game Jam in 2017, using Twine.  It's still a work in progress but is functional and completable. More features and storylines will be added in the future.

Still looks awesome. Thanks for participating and showing us your work!

The whole iteration thing is useful but also annoying. There are so many things that may seem simple in concept to implement but then creating them and adding them into your game just takes so much time. To even get just a playable version takes a lot of work. But hey if we all aim for something to show that's the best possible outcome of this jam.

Here's something to get you excited. It's just a little look at the art style.

That sucks dude. Hope you and your family are well otherwise and get the time you need to grieve. 

And thank you for the offer to everyone to help. I personally still hope you'll share what you've done and planned. It'd be really interesting to see that. Plus just because you haven't completed your game for the jam doesn't mean you can't in the future.

Thanks for the feedback Majugi and Pfail. I think I've figured a way to justify it with the internal logic of the game. Rather than the player character walking about with their own camera or mobile phone streaming their MTV Cribs episode, they're using the internal security cameras. That then accounts for 1) Why you don't see the character, 2) There's the image issues and 3) The Player sees a variety of stats and the chat while streaming. 

As far as "fairness" goes, my understanding of the fair use doctrine in the US is that a person can use another's work as long as it is changed a certain amount and is then considered a new piece. While I don't think I'll be changing anything that much I will not be making any money from this work and I will be correctly attributing the creators. 

Congratulations! It looks awesome. And you've got time left to create another game and enter it in the jam! Don't stop now.

So I've been thinking about artwork for this game. And I'm torn between doing something artistic, and something basic. 

This is what I'm thinking of for the artistic aspect.

Original by Joakim Olofsson. Gif & Glitch aspects added by OneGameDad.
I was thinking of this glitch style gifs because I can apply it to artwork I haven't created and thereby make something new. I'll still credit the artists of the original work, but per fair use I want to make sure it's different enough that there are no issues. I like this style because it gives a sense of how adhoc the bunker is and poor the wifi is within the game. So the player character is going through showing off their lair, but their connection isn't great because they're underground. Gifs also add some movement to an otherwise still medium.

The only problem with this is one of dissonance. As the player you are the character livestreaming. So you won't see the issues with your feed. Thus any interference and other issues affecting the image stream are not viewable. All you receive is information regarding the quality of your connection. 

So it's a question of style over cohesiveness. Granted movement is done through clicking, the same goes for speaking. So conceptually there's already a distance the player has to overcome, a suspension of disbelief, in order to rolepaly as the character in this game. Does the glitch gif add or detract from that? What do you think?

Awesome. Looking forward to trying my first dating sim as well as first RenPy game.

I've got the base of the conversation system down now, thanks to Dan Cox. The idea I was going for was to keep a person in the same passage (aka room) while they speak so as not to break the illusion. Jumping to new passages in Twine creates small refreshes that I think break the immersion. Luckily there's a way to display the contents of a one passage in another.

[Here is some content]<name|(click: ?name)[ (replace: ?name)[ (display: "Passage 2") ] ]

So the text displayed "Here is some content" is replaced by the contents of "Passage 2". This should allow me to represent livestreaming better in what is effectively a text adventure, as all of the text is immediately displayed. It also allows for a passage to hold choices that provide further branching.

I'm not planning on having any sort of interrupt and memory system for what's been said, as that's beyond the scope of the game right now. But players should be able to move to another room in the middle of a dialogue tree. Conceivably I could create a variable to track whether or not a particular branch is finished, but I think that's for a later date.  Right now I want to focus on getting the story/conversation written and in the game. 

And no worries, I'm happy to help organize this. I need this as much as everyone else. Not just to be motivated to complete something but to have a conversation with people about things I'm interested in. There's only so much a six-month old can contribute to any conversation. 

Been struggling with the conversation system, so I reached out to Dan Cox who creates the fantastic tutorial videos on YouTube regarding Twine. He got back to me with some suggestions. So once I'm no longer saddled with a bunch of other stuff I can get to that. Took a short break to try and work on something for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam but that too isn't working out. Shows how much I need to really sit down and learn to code. More experience with Javascript would help my Twine games. But as ever it's a question of priorities.

Hope everyone else is having a good jam.

I've now managed to sort the movement, so the player can go from to room to room at will. Each move is added to a variable so (hopefully) certain events can only be triggered at a certain time. Of course each room will have to have an individual variable to see if they've been visited. But's easy to establish. So together I can set up a range of possible events in each room, which should result in different stories for each player or play-through. 

That of course depends on the amount of possible events I include in each room. I've seen a video of how to do something like this so once I have that sorted and tested I can focus on the story more. 

Current Focus: Variable Events for each room

Future Features: Story, Page (Room) Formating, Images, Viewer Chat, Viewer Count. 

Grow Capsules would be amazing!

It could just be a booth full of them. Or a vending machine. Something that's just all these un-grown capsules so when they get wet they start to grow and explode out taking over the area.

Will there be rival  bum gun salespeople?

It's the poor man's version of a bidet.

It may help you to plan out each session of speed dating. It doesn't need to be complicated just what's the personality of the date, their major interest and what they do. Then you'll be able to quickly write what you think they'd be saying during a date.

This is the map of the game's and thus the bunker's structure. Do you think I'm missing anything. I wasn't planning on having the game start in the airlock but rather the entrance.  And the position of the Armory will be explained through the story. But are there any types of rooms you think I should include? As I wrote this I thought about water, waste and electricity. So maybe a utilities room.

Looking forward to giving it a try. If you are unsure of how to do something in Twine be sure to check out this Youtube channel: Dan Cox provides some great explanations.

Thanks for the tip. But the life of a dad means my time is not my own. So I'm going to keep the scope of this game really simple for now. It's something to aim for in the future though.

I know I don't have the time for that. I'm still learning HTML/CSS and Javascript. Twine utilizes those so it's a perfect way for me to practice. A Twitter bot is beyond my comprehension at this moment.

So the idea of "Live From The Bunker" has stuck with me ever since I looked at the list of titles, because it spoke to me immediately. It screamed - someone livestreaming or livetweeting the apocalypse from their bunker.

I'm creating this in Twine, so graphicly it won't be very intense. I'm not much of an artist and the art will come last. But right now I have two potential ways of doing this and I need your feedback. 

1) The player is a viewer of this livestream and can vote for actions of the host. The host is doing a sort of MTV Cribs show of their bunker as the apocalypse hits.

2) The player is the host of the livestream and is showing off their bunker as they settle in to sit out the apocalypse.  The player can then reply to the chat and their requests.

3) The player is livetweeting their tour of their bunker as the apocalypse hits. This I would imagine would have some Twitter integration.

All versions have different implications for how things are implemented and what I try to accomplish. Sadly I don't know how to create a Twitter bot that could then reply the the player's tweets for option 3. So which version should I do?

This jam isn't so concerned with creating entirely new games. Rather it's about promoting the fun of making games within the Waypoint community, since games is something we all love. It's an opportunity to try your hand at something you may never have considered before without the fear of failing.

MYNT is a new rules-light pen and paper RPG system that only requires 2d6 to play. It's my first attempt at such a system and is focused on the storytelling and roleplaying aspects of pen and paper games over. MYNT stands for Maybe, Yes, No, Twist because failure doesn't mean a story is over, and success doesn't mean everything is working. As a system it should work with any setting.

The system can be found here:

Any feedback would be welcome.

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The Integration Game is my first game and was created for the 1-bit Clicker Jam. It's available here:

This game puts you in the shoes of an immigrant in Finland attempting to begin the government run integration process. It's a Twine game so it's nothing more than a simple text adventure through the realms of Finnish bureaucracy. It's not 100% accurate as every individual has differing needs when it comes to integration, but it does cover the broadest categories of immigrants in Finland. Of which I am one.

I don't know if it was intentional or because you were becoming more skilled as you built the game but the switch to a parallax background once the story reached Brooklyn was really good. I know the beach may have made use of it in the beginning scene. But it helped evoke a sense of there being more out there, more possibility to being in New York than what remained of San Francisco.