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Pen & Paper Adventure Requirements

A topic by OneGameDad created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 63 Replies: 3
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I'm planning on writing an adventure using a game system I created. But I wanted some feedback first, as it's  been a while since I've played any pen & paper games.

  • How many player characters should it be for? I was thinking of including pre-made characters for ease.
  • Should it include a map?
  • What's a good number of encounters for an adventure?

Any other advice would be great.

Jam Host

I would aim for a small group of friends, when I started GMing everything I read said never do more then 4 starting out because it just becomes a nightmare to manage and make fun for everyone if you are not prepared.

Other two questions are really up to the person running the adventure and the people in the group, if the players are less into the role playing parts of it and more just want to get into the combat then you probably want a higher number then a group that wants to try and talk their way or stealth their way through most problems.

Maps can make for great world building material though!

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Thanks for the advice.

All Hail the Algorithm aka episode 101 is going to be the title and inspiration for my game. So I'm sure you can guess what the stylings will be. 

Jam HostSubmitted

I announced it over on the Waypoint forums, but here's my homebrew system for pen and paper games. It's what I'm using for the adventure I'm writing.