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Thank's man !!

Thank's for the feedback !!, we are working in a better version of the game right now and your feedback will be very useful :)

Good Game !! an interesting idea with good concepts !

An interesting game that would work well on mobile, a version with more levels and mechanics will be great!!

it's the type of game that you don't expect in a gamejam, Good Game!

Good game, shoot without move remembers me the first resident evil haha

You have a nice tutorial  in it, i think that will be better if  instead of "fwd" and ''bwd", you use "up" and "dn", but in the same way. Amazing game, good job !!

Thank's ^^

Good idea!! with you work for more hours, that could be an awesome game

I take some time to understand the unhuman vision, but when you understand, you see a great game, Good job !!

Good idea!!!, but i thin'k the game can start more slower and accelerate

haha it's a little hard to learn the mechanic

Thank's zaba11, if you like this game. please, check out our  other game. Space rescue that will soon have a remake for mobile and browser ^^


Thank's for the feedback !!

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Thank's a million !

Haha we let this mechanic for the player find out for himself. Thank's

Thank's !!!

Thank's a million !

I agree with that one

Amazing Game! The level Design is superb, feels like a complete game 

Interesting game and with a great sound design

Good concept Bro !!

Great Idea, With more Polish and more mechanics. That can be a great game. 

Good Game !! in the begining in was not liking to much, but when you introduce  the box, the game goes to another level. Keep it up !