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Yes and yes! A Steam release is definitely coming, although I can't divulge any details yet. But when it does, achievements will definitely be in there!

Just uploaded a fix, thanks!

I just posted a follow-up post that kind of explains what's going on.

Thank you very much! I've added some dust on landing to see what it looks like.

Right now throwing a Speer at yourself doesn't do anything. Might change that if I can think of an interesting thing to do with it...

Phew, glad to hear it! That could have been annoying to debug...

Hope you're enjoying the game, let me know what you think!

Hey surashu, thanks for checking out my game!

Both DirectInput and XInput pads should work...did you try pressing a button on the title screen? If you don't show the game you're using a controller on the title screen it might not pick up on it. Also, does the pad just not work at all or is the mapping just messed up?

Finally, could you tell me what pad you're using? Then I'll try to look into it!

Hey, thanks for playing! Could you give me an example when/where the magnetic platforms didn't work correctly?