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Yo, thanks! I tried making the most of the bubblegum mechanic, so that it's a core element of the gameplay, not just a thing you can also do.

The game's gonna have 60 levels and 4 bosses!

I've got balls of gum.

Just uploaded a Windows executable!

My game [Speer] would like to make the bundle a bit more puzzle-platform-y.

Hm...I guess? Would have to look into it🤔 Is there a specific reason you want one?

I'll have to look into it, as it would be extra work. But I'm not opposed to the idea! I'll post an update once I have something to share.

Wow, you've got your work cut out for you! Thanks for the review, appreciate it. I agree that the resetting can be harsh, which is why in the improved [Speer DX] you can place checkpoints wherever you want. Seemed like the only fair option, really.

Good luck getting through the rest of the games!

Hm, could you be more specific? Do you have trouble with the timing, do you find the inputs strange...?

Thank you!


I would hope so... what does it say? And what platform are you playing the game on?

Looks and sounds fantastic, and having three emergency kills up your sleeve is a really genius way to make the game deeper, fairer and even more fun!

Eh, the obstacles are easy to distinguish due to the color once you play one or two rounds, and the juicy jump works well with the speed to make the game feel really dynamic! So to me, it's not really an issue.

I love blasting away with five guns at once. Really satisfying and polished game!

I love blasting away with five guns at once. Really satisfying and polished game!

Now this is juicy! And the sun is just a cool dude. After getting used to the game's speed and difficulty, things get really fun. Super well done!

Nice, retro, and really hard! Although that might just be due to my lack of foresight. A really cool concept well executed!

Clever use of the theme ;) And the gameplay is fun too, so it works out!

Would definitely love to see this expanded. The difficulty is just right for me, the precise controls and level design never made me feel like the game was unfair. Very well done!

And I'll be reaching out to you should I get around to it :) Thank you!

Apparently it works well via Wine or Steam Proton, many people are playing it that way. I might make a native Linux build eventually, if there is enough demand and if I have the resources to test it properly!

Thank you!

Thank you! Just in case you missed it, I have a playable demo out right now:

That's because the game isn't out yet! I could've sworn it said so somewhere on the page, but apparently I was just imagining things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, I added a note now!

Once the game releases later this year it'll be available for purchase here and on Steam!

Sorry about that, should be fixed now!

Thank you! The stomp was originally just meant to give you height more quickly than a charged bounce, and it also lets you bounce off enemies really high. I'm already thinking about improving it though, since I agree that there is not much actual use for it!

Wow, very cool! Just yesterday I created this list of Mega Drive coding resources, would you mind if I added your code when you publish it?

Nice, really impressive work!

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you so much!

I'd like to submit my game [Speer], a puzzle-platformer in which you use your spear as a platform to navigate through 100 stages filled with switches, lasers, portals and more!

The soundtrack was done by Andrea Baroni aka Cyberleaf Studios. I can't resell it, but you can get all the tracks here:

Thank you so much! The soundtrack was done by Andrea Baroni aka Cyberleaf Studios. I can't resell it, but you can get all the tracks here:

The save files should be in your User folder, under AppData/Roaming/Ohsat Games by Andrej Preradovic/Speer!

Pretty cool idea and nicely executed!

Nice score, thank you for playing and the kind words!

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Whoa, nice score! Thank you very much for the kind words and the feedback, I'll look into it!

Edit: I've just released a patch today that changes how powerups are spawned. Thank you for helping me make a better game!

Check this post!