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this is a vibe! such simple mechanics and a fresh idea!

What a lovely little game :)

what kind words thank you so much!!

This is very satisfying. Super lovely :)

this feedback is encouraging and appreciated! Thanks :)

It's a tactics rpg that explores ideas about gender. It takes place in a world where there are six genders; Fighter, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage and Red Mage. The genders are assigned at birth, and they determine almost everything about your life - from who you can love to how you dress to the role you play in the world "party". The main character is someone who's been assigned Fighter at birth who realizes that they're trans. (the player gets to pick what their gender really is) The whole tone will be earnest and meant and hearfelt, but also silly. I wanted to get other trans people's thoughts on this. In what ways is gender similar to/different from an rpg class?

no way! Been a fan of your channel for a while. Thanks so much :)

This is wonderful feedback thank you!

Thanks for your response! Looking forward to the jam :)

Hello! So looking forward to participating! Happy this exists :)

The description of the jam says that this is a month-long jam, but the time says that it goes from June 19th to August 19th. How long do we have to complete our games?

Had the same thought! That'd be sweet.

oh snap! Will give it a shot!

This is my new favorite jam game. The art is so lovely!! Gives me the vibes of celeste. Had a wonderful time discovering what the different songs did. Unfortunately, got stuck in the first room - after a certain point I couldn't get the green platform to move far enough to get me across the lava. :(

Best vibes in the jam. Loved the running in a circle to get out of the planet - very cool. Got a bit stuck - how do I get off of the first planet?

Bangin music :) Love puzzle games like this. Appreciated all of the flexibility w different kinds of controllers.

This game is so pretty!! It took me a little while to read through all of the instructions and parse what I was supposed to do. However, once I did I found a game with such wonderful ideas! I love the idea of traversing two worlds simultaneously, traveling over one to get somewhere on the other. Also the isometric art looks bonkers. I love how everyone looks like a little cardboard cutout haha. Really cool game.

Very cool physics puzzle platformer. Liked the art most of all - the lawn chair is hilarious.

Love that idea - thanks!

This is my favorite game I've seen so far! The animations are so charming and lovely, and the ui explains itself very cleanly. Was *so* charmed to discover that my dudes were each shooting to their own beat.

This game is nuts haha. <3 the audience. Was really charmed by the voiceover tutorial haha.

Once I figured out how everything worked, the levels were very enjoyable little puzzles. Enjoyed that I could instantly restart when I died. The musical-chairs type music-stopping was an interesting mechanic.

I was ded but then I won :)

This is very charming :) I loved playing the frere jaque haha. Took me a second to realize that the goal wasn't to jump when I crossed the platforms, but instead to reach the top of them w my jump. Love the replay feature - very cool. Nice work. Made me smile :)

Oh that makes sense! Thanks for pointing that out. Gave it a shot - felt fun to make an eighth note massacre >:)

This is really cute :) I loved that you're literally walking around on a computer screen. That you're jumping on folders and dodging antivirus (feels very true haha) is very funny.

This game is sick. Loved especially the player animation and the particle effects when enemies hit the ground. Controls and goals were clear from the get-go. The game explained itself very clearly. The sword animation felt quite heavy and I took a lot of hits because I'd just swung my sword and I was waiting to get control again. Love the idea of bouncing on floating enemies.

This game kicks ass. the main character is so cool looking - i love their evil little smile. The controls are very tight too. Probably played about 30 times. Damn inverse mode is *evil*

LOVE the intro. The animation is so dramatic and funny haha. Also laughed when I realized I'd be shooting bass clefs. Wasn't sure what to do when I got to the gravity portal - tried clicking, hitting space and hitting the arrow keys.

This is super cute. The menu music is BANGING. Movement felt smooth, but very heavy. Thought the use of gravity was interesting - trying to use my music notes to hit the bad vibes - but everything moved with a lot of torque and it was difficult to feel I was in control of things.

That menu tho. So much style! I'm afraid I had a lot of trouble understanding the controls. I tried a number of times - clicking when blocks appeared, moving the mouse in their indicated direction, but the game didn't seem to be responding to my inputs. Am I misunderstanding the directions? Seriously cool menu tho. Sick music too.

Very graceful feeling movement :) Felt very satisfying to wiggle in the air towards a target.

This is fucking wonderful congradulations :)

This is so well made! The dithering on the ground around the campfire is gorgeous.

This is crazy good. Congrats.

This is crazy good

This is so cute. I love the premise of adding blocks to the world. Would love to see this expanded on even more - the mechanic seems like it has a lot of exciting possibilities. Love the baseball cap on the main character. Also thought it was cool that you only see vr mode for a limited amount of time.

Very fun. Played for a long time to figure out the strategy. Was very satisfying, trying to maximize the damage. Would cause the fall of a civilization with natural disasters again, haha.

This is so damn cool. Loved the background flashing with the beat, the dna-looking lazers, the sexy drum beats, the 90s synthy sounds, the concept of the game, so much. Thanks for a super fun 20 minutes.

This game is so hard. Nice work. Impressive that you've made your own engine!