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Because not all games make fifteen minutes to make.
I have plenty of game stuff i've worked on and which were never released, but which i could probably release some day in the future. This jam is just a reminder to tell you that you should probably take your time :) you never rush a game for a good reason.

at some point a came across some chunks of water not loading into the game, even if i came close, but when i came back to the same place after some exploration, the chunks were loaded (but i think it isn't connecter to the world-melting bug at all): 

I can play right away without any game-breaking bug now :) thank you !

Link to the topic which described the same bug in an older version:

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hey there :)

so i wanted to test the new update and was super hyped, but it appears some old friend was just as excited to come back to this game...

So the world-melting bug is back ! It works the same, except this time it's almost killing the frames in the process. I might have 1 frame every 7 second, which is quite bad as you can tell. It goes down to 1 frame every 2 seconds at times, which is an improvment, but still not enough to enjoy the proper game ^^
One other thing that is new is a strange cube of static floating in the air near the avatar. It has the colours of the biomes you selected. You can also see it on the menu screen before you dive into the game. It changes places depending of the biome and, apparently, depending on the screen resolution.

In the screenshot below, i managed to capture the menu screen loading in and the world generating. as you can see, there is a visual glitch which kinds of "duplicate" the same geometry and shows it everywhere in the world. I couldn't capture it, but with the low fps i was granted, i could still grasp a kind of movement in these glitches, as if they were gathering to combine into one point. Maybe the static cube is made of all these visual glitches clutched together ?

So i really can't play the game for now, but in the meantime, the glitches it creates are pretty, poetic almost, but also a bit scarry :)

You can read a book.

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Not very original considering every AAA company does this nowadays. But 9 sequels with each one of them being a different game from the former, now that is something i'd like to see :D

Thank you for this wonderful piece of game art.

game iz prfect

Well now i do. I think i spent 15 minutes looking at lovely pictures of grey tractors with eyes, or several other vehicles with similar shapes and eyes :) so thank you i guess.

Are we limited to digital games only ? can we consider DecadeJam a game by itself ?

I have made more games since the announcement of the jam than in my entire life.

You know, time is relative when you're spedrunning ^^ hours long rpgs like Borderlands 2 can be finished in like 15 minutes.

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Hey humm, i might be wrong but it seems the Windows version has still not been updated here.

Someone will surely make a virtual graveyard for those who died doing what they loved.
Also, could we have a list somewhere of the "Production Babies" like in the movies ?

thanx !

I'm really excited to play the new update that went live on Steam  :) when do you plan do update the version ?

don't worry, I was the one wrong here, it was the S key all along x)

Thanks for your answer.

I'm a bit relieved to hear you say that the incompetence of the enemies is due to the countless hours you spent on the game, making you blind to some of its flaws. I was actually worried their behavior right now was a deliberate design choice, making it something you wouldn't want to change throughout the updates. On the page of AdventurOS, the description made it seem like the game as it was sold was only a few bugs away from its final release...

Now about the goal of the game : I have indeed defeated the formatter, without finding any totem before :/ i don't know if it's a feature or a bug, but I was able to buy the Skeleton Key from a merchant, for almost nothing (299g iirc) and open the door to beat him... and... as some others have pointed out, he wasn't much of a threat either.
Again, that might be because i didn't find any totem, but after the opening cutscene, I wasn't fed any piece of story at all, and it felt really weird. As if the plot had disappeared all of a sudden, leaving you as a nameless adventurer on a quest you didn't now much about, killing foes you didn't care much for, and freeing villagers who didn't care much about you either. Maybe you should add little cutscenes here and there, fill rooms with little bits of world-building trivia, random encounters... this kind of stuff.

Of course I understand how hard it can be making such a game, that's why I didn't just want to shout and rant at you or your game. As you've said, you've spent years working on this, and what you've achieved is already amazing. And yet, there is still so much room for improvement ! and i'd LOVE to see this game improve. This is also why I wanted to point out what I felt had to be pointed out: what is the core gameplay right now is not good gameplay.

I will surely keep an eye on the updates. Expect me to come back every once in a while whith another post :)

Good luck and be strong ! 💪

I have to say, it's not very engaging.

The enemies do not have interesting behavior. They do not challenge any of your abilities as a gamer: in the end it felt like it was just a battle of numbers against numbers (which one of us has the best stats). Sure you have to jump and attack at the right time, but it gets old REALLY quick. The strange hitboxes of the monsters do not help either.
And what's with the insanely large amount of health they have ? It's not entertaining doing the same trick over and over, for minutes long, trying to get only one monster down to zero health.
Also, and that might be my main complain right now: the synergy between the ennemies is not good at all. They do not complement each other, and their repetitve behavior makes them swarm at you in one big mess, throwing all their projectiles at you, most of the times leaving you no other option than to flee, and leave the room from the door you got in. I'm not talking about rooms way above your level, I'm talking about rooms you should be able to clear because you have the gear to.
Now, these complaints might seem useless if it was fun or interesting to move your character around the world. But I tried almost every class and none of them felt right. Trying to unlock the abilities is hard, but once you get some, you breathe again: at last, something new ! But in the end, it all falls flat. The double jump alone prevents you from accessing certain platforms, and i wondered why is wasn't unlocked from the get-go. Same for the dash ability. And none of them was fun to use.

I get it: maybe you want us to spend lots of time in the game, wandering the corridors, finding our way through the folders. It's part of the experience (i guess?). But if there is nothing rewarding in the end, it's not worth it. Because right now, the combat is not rewarding, to me at least: it's boring. And the whole game feels the same way.
And it hurts to say because i want to like this game ! I'm a fan of platformers and an RPG enthusiast... but right now, I have to say i'm not enjoying my time with AdventurOS.

Down arrow

aaaand i tried to reinstall it through the Reinstall button of itch, and it worked o.o

Well, it was a red herring i guess.

Oho, i tried using the app, and the game started !
I'll play it later, don't have the time right now, but at least it started. I'll get back to you if anything similar happens.

Didn't try reinstalling, and i'm not running it through the app. Should I ?
Also tried to download the data zip you suggested in another thread, but it didn't help.

The game won't load and gives an error message instead.

Error creating process <C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\JXP.TMP\AdventurOS.exe>. Reason: INDOWS\system32\advpack.dll

This is what the game says when i turned Administrator Privileges on. Before it gaves basically the same error message, but the "Reason:" section was blank. What can i do ?

I thought a bit more about it and came to the conclusion that, in fact, it sounded a bit like Tron with a less radical gameplay :p because you're basically punished for the same thing: sitting behind your opponent car. Would that be a good description, Tron with kettles ? ^^

I just exported a windows version to try it out!

Although it seemed promising when i saw the concept for the game, i feel the use of the kettle's clouds of steam won't block the sight as expected... unless you do it in 3D. But it's definitely something to work on.

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I think if the hitboxes and the movements felt a little bit better, the distance at which you see the enemies fall wouldn't be a problem, cause you'd want to learn the moves better to be better at the game as well :) as Liump plays right now, I was never sure what my action would do, and if i would put a word on it that would be "inconsistent" :/ which is something you do not want as a Street Fighter player ^^
I get what you were trying to do though ! and it's a very good attempt at it :D

Ah I see, ok. since the enemies weren't much of a threat, i never found myself in need of another way to rotate the canon. Good idea, but which didn't particularly shine in this prototype then :)

I tried to build it in Godot for Windows, bet the editor as well as the game kept crashing... :/

Yeah it's solid, should the level design follow behind, this could be a very enjoyable game !

Well it's a good working game for a first game !
But the theme... ? maybe i didn't go far enough to see it applied somewhere.

+1 for the backflip

yes please, the idea behind the game looks interesting, i'd like to play what you've done so far :)

The idea was very good, but i only noticed that your character would either slow down or speed up depending on its temperature after some time. Maybe make it so you keep bouncing off lava if your temperature still is below maximum, so that we can save him ! right now you just have to hope you landed on a platform...
Also, as he took the colours blue and red, i feel the heat meter was not needed.

With a little more polish, this game could be very enjoyable :)

Multiple heat meters is quite a step up from what the other games tried to do ! Interesting.
I feel the controls that make the neck bend were too much, they didn't serve any particular purpose.

It feels like we should have been able to see more upward, so that we could plan where the lil'Trumps would fall. The execution is quite good !