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Suggestion: Make asset licenses readily visible and more prominent

A topic by Ardeimon created 18 days ago Views: 67 Replies: 1
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This is just a suggestion for projects categorized as assets. I just noticed that creators tend to just put the usage terms/conditions or licensing of their projects in the description. Some use the Asset license metadata(?) thing but that tends to be hidden in this box, which can be easy to miss sometimes.  For licenses like the Creative Commons ones, they sometimes can get a bit confusing.

It would be nice they had a dedicated, more visible and easily accessible part where licensing terms are shown, like this mockup I did:

It would be great for established licenses like Creative Commons, MIT, etc. had URLs that directly linked to more details to what those licenses entail. Right now, clicking the link to the license in the dropdown box led to a filtered search of similar projects released under the same license. It would also help if there's a link to contact the creator (socials, email, etc.) in case they have more particular instructions. I just think that this could help promote more active crediting within the community.

Neat idea, fantastic mock-up.
I'd say, if we could go as far as to pick any of the specificities of our games and show them independantly to give them more visibility, that would be great.