Submissions open from 2020-01-01 08:00:00 to 2030-01-01 08:00:00
Submissions due in

What is #DecadeJam?

We often rush our way through game jams - releasing prototypes with placeholder everything. That's the point of a game jam right? 

What if we took our time in a game jam - let's say... 10 years. Would it still be a game jam? Would those games still be game jam games? How many games can anyone submit to one jam? And how much will the game development scene change over 10 years?

Now is our chance to find out. 

From 2020 to 2030: make, release, and submit games to #DecadeJam.

#DecadeJam Rules

  1. Your games must be made and released between Jan 1st, 2020 and Jan 1st, 2030.
  2. You can submit as many games as you'd like to #DecadeJam.
  3.  Once #DecadeJam ends on Jan 1st, 2030, you will have a year to vote for your favorite games. Voting ends on Jan 1st, 2031. 
  4. Any forms of bigotry and hateful content will be removed from #DecadeJam.
  5. Remember to use the #DecadeJam hashtag on social media.
  6. Lastly, have fun!

Discord Server

Join the DecadeJam Discord server With channels for team-finding, resources, and feedback, the DecadeJam Discord is a great way to keep in touch with other jammers and find inspiration. Huge thanks to Avis for creating and running it!

Tips and Tricks

  1. #DecadeJam runs for 10 years, feel free to take your time!
  2. You can submit as many games as you'd like to #DecadeJam.
  3. Don't know how to code? Start learning and submit your progress to #DecadeJam!
  4. Don't take the jam vote too seriously. Rather than a competition, think of it as a bookmark for popular #DecadeJam entries. 
  5. As always, you retain ownership of the games you make.

Optional Themes and Diversifiers

  1. 10 Part Episodic Series - Over the course of #DecadeJam, make a 10 part game series that follow one another.
  2. The Decade Game - Make a game that takes 10 years to play.
  3. Feature Length - Make a game that you would consider feature length.
  4. Sapling to Tree - Make prototypes that push your development knowledge. After #DecadeJam, look back at your growth.
  5. Dream Game - Make the game of your childhood dreams.*
  6. Evolution - Make a game and update it throughout#DecadeJam.

*Keep in mind that your childhood dream game may not be good. Mine sure weren't. But with 10 years of wiggle room, it would still be neat to make a game for time travelers to deliver to your younger self.