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Allow setting launch prefixes for games on Itch app

A topic by k0rt created 10 days ago Views: 60 Replies: 2
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Mostly targeted at people using linux, is there a way to add a launch prefix to a game from the app itself or would it be possible? Currently windows only games cannot be launched from itch app, this would fx that. Also adding options like dri_prime, vblank_mode, mesa prefixes etc. or debug/game prefixes are always helpful. Currently butler handles the launching games I think and chooses the platform (?) :

func GetFilteredUploads(client *itchio.Client, game *itchio.Game, credentials *buse.GameCredentials, consumer *state.Consumer) (*manager.NarrowDownUploadsResult, error) {
 uploads, err := client.ListGameUploads(&itchio.ListGameUploadsParams{
 GameID:        game.ID,
 DownloadKeyID: credentials.DownloadKey,
 if err != nil {
 return nil, errors.Wrap(err, 0)

but I couldn't find any docs on how launching a game is facilitated. Can someone point it to me?  

I ran somethings in a terminal, seems itch creates a temporary runlock.json in the game directory : ~/.config/itch/apps/NAME/.itch/, detects wine 64 bit and 32 bit at /usr/local/bin, searchs for native game manfests- cannot find, can't run sandox, exits.

Sorry if it's not relevant here, I'm new :)

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It would be nice to have launch options, similar to Steam, but they would only be useful for apps like Butler and not in the website itself.

As a workaround, maybe you can make extra files with custom arguments. So if your executable is called my_game, you can make a bash file that looks like this:

#! /bin/sh

./my_game –fullscreen

I’m not familiar how Butler works, so not sure if there are some extra details needed to make this work.

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Yeah I know that; that way I have to manually edit/create executables and launch each game, what I'm saying will be from within the Itch app itself. Much like Steam, I've tried to find the documentation on this for Steam without luck. They list all prefixes only.