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Pretty solid and well made platformer: controls aren't clunky, levels are diverse, pixel art is good. The jump is short but leveldesign fits this. Overall well done!

Visuals are cool as hell, everything, characters, enviroment, animations, particles. Everything is on top.

Gamedesign is pretty basic but with it's feature: paired effects which I've only seen in Shotgun king. Some of effects are really valuable and change gameplay, both positive (such as immunity to melee/ranged damage) and negative (inverting controls).

Technical condition is okay but there was one major bug on the screenshot: upgrade cards just scew on click and cannot click them anymore. One all three cards bugged, you're doomed because upgrade doesn't pause the game (which is also a big problem)

Art is pretty, crate mechanic is quiye interesting to play around but technical condition leaves much to be desired: player constantly clips through the crate and player can retain some force after death and move. In order to handle game you need to constantly switch hand between keyboard and nouse (or have three hands: for space, arrow keys and mouse).

It is barely possible to fisnish floor 1 because of generation. There is always a room with an enemy you can't reach.

The visuals and vortex effect are exccelent but I still can't understand what is the point of draging the particles around.

Exteremely good pixelart, effects and visuals overall. The flying sword is quite interesting mechanics in terms of that attack is coming not from the player but from the sword itself. Gamepad controls are barely playable due to missing right stick aiming, thus in order to attack enemy behind yourself you need GO back.

Exteremely good pixelart, effects and visuals overall. The flying sword is quite interesting mechanics in terms of that attack is coming not from the player but from the sword itself. Gamepad controls are barely playable due to missing right stick aiming, thus in order to attack enemy behind yourself you need GO back.

3.  If card says "You MAY <...>" than choose is not required. If it doesn't says "may" and you still can skip a choose than this is really my blunder.

5.  There is no final goal. The game is kinda incomplete, it has core deckbuilding mechanic and directed to combats and deck experiments.

Brilliance of this mechanic is at level of its simplicity. Very enjoyable mechanic and level design that can create interesting puzzles without tons of elements. Quality-of-life moments such as undo and controls display are always pleasant. Controls themselves are not very comfortable. May be it would be betteto bind form switch at QWERASDF buttons to not reach out for digits.

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The game is extremely beautiful and enjoyable at the concept. But it has some troubles with controls. May be it would be better to have separate binding  for rope grab, beacuse the situation when rope is close to the wall are often and its almost impossible to hook the wall — character grabs rope back. Also its not always obvious which wall you can hook and which not.

Special thanks for full gamepad support :)

Thank you a lot for the feedback on controls!

Nice survival!

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Why, Just why??? Why is Jump bound on B, not A? Why do yoy do this to me?

Pretty enjoyable little bullethell. Nothing to add.

Oh, what a ridiculous bug. Thanks for the report!

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Very unique concept of puzzle dungeon crawler and great art!


Camera is not too comfortable to move, it is too slow. It would be nice to be able to drag camera with mouse which will also release left from keyboard.

It is not always clear how walls are placed on a card. They can be more contrast.

Traps don't make much sense because you can just not add them to dungeon.

Oh! That's cool. I'll be on stream.

Completed whole game with only dual turrents :

Techncal perfomance is not perfect. The main problem is camera. It is now fast enough so player can leave the camera view. Controls are not bound to camera view so when camera looks backwards controls becomve inverted. It would be easier and better to just make top down isometric camera. 

Gameplay is fun (but pressing E to pick up rock is bit annoying. it could picked up itself)

Graphics and music are awesome.

I was on the stream. Thanks for playing it!

The graphics style is very cool but it makes almost impossible to define where truck and obstacle really are.

Great concept and level design for it. There are some place where you can get softlock as a small character so you have to restart whole game. And it makes every try a bit frustrating.

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Glad you liked the game. Thanks! By the way my highscore is only 61 :)))

It was really fun to play and find combos. Most of building don't care where you place them and it makes strategic potential less. And few questions:

Why can't I cancel selection?

What does aestetic?

It doesn't seem like house cooldown is needed because makes game ve-e-ery slow. There are situatuions where you can't make a proper turn due to lack of options (there is only one house) and you just have to wait. Also it would be comfortable if character trait were represented by icons so you don't have click on each character to see them.

Thank you for a feedback. I should've benn pay mmore attention to the hitbox question since game requires precise movemnet. It's wierd that you didn't hear a sound. May be it was disabled in settings or in Windows mixer, because I just launched the last build from and there is a sound.

My gameplay:

Art: No words. Spectacular pixel art and smooth animations please my eyes.

Sound: Awesome atmospheric ambience. Even my cat got scared by the sound of the rian.

Gameplay: Combat is really coll and tactical. Dash works perfectly.


Camera: I can never see what is under your feet therefore I always have to jump into the unknown and sometimes this "unknown" is spike. Also when I run about 80% of screen is behind and some enemy may suddenly apeear ahead.

Jump: It has very long delay. It causes no probles but it very unusually and I can not preciesely count timing if I want to throw spear in jump. But may be it is just my problem.

Perfomance: Why is your game eating 50% of my CPU?

P.S. I didn't finish the game because I got stuck in front of wheat-head man. Does game go on?

Very cute graphics and great platforming mechanic. As I noticed from discrod you started this game very late therefore there is no much content in it.

Thanks a lot for the rate! I really didn't hope someone will finish the game :)

Nice game! Pretty graphics and awesome soundtrack. Different and interesting enemies.  Almost no bugs (except the moment where enemy shot me throught the wall). Function of remaping bindings is very rare for gamejams. Also i didn't get the purpose of these floating eyes. Is it just a save or it is also a fast travel?

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Спасибо большое! Буду развиваться дальше дальше.

Спасибо, за фидбек! А я ведь правил этот баг, но видимо не до конца.

Просто волшебная графика, но совсем нехватает хоть каких-то звуков.

Отличный платформер с хорошим левел-дизайном.

Немного напрягает скольжение движения из-за которого запрыгнуть на одинокую платформу становится очень проблематично. И чтобы пиксельные спрайты в Unity так не размывало можно в инспекторе, в настройка этого спрайта поставиль Filter Mode на Point (no filter).

Просто шикарная механика!

Я себя примерно также видел, когда игру делал :)

Что-то я не понял. Это игра для двух игроков или для двух полушарий?))

Awesome concept and graphics! But inverted camera  makes it very uncomfortable to play. Was it just a mistake or you made it intentionally?