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Fun game! I use the itch desktop client to manage my game downloads, and unfortunately could not install your game from the desktop client, because it doesn't have a platform tag. Please consider adding one, so the client properly recognizes your build. Cheers! :)

EF 1.1.5, with the fix for this issue, is live on itch. It should be live on the Asset Store after it passes verification, shouldn't be any more than a couple days. 

Thanks again for reporting this one, so sorry about that!

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1.1.5 Changelog

  • Fix compilation error in 2017.2+

Oof, thanks for letting me know! I'll get this fixed and updated ASAP.

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1.1.4 Changelog

  • Fix editor bug causing "Invalid editor window" errors. You may need to reset your editor layout in Window > Layouts to get the message to disappear in existing projects
  • Fix bug preventing form from opening on Android

Sorry for the delayed response! It seems I forgot to add the UNITY_ANDROID check for mobile platforms. I see UNITY_IOS there, but not Android. Whoops, sorry about that! I'll get  that patched in with the next update. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and replying with your solution!

Easy Feedback 1.1.3 is now live on the Asset Store as well!

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I believe this was caused by a recent change to the Trello API SSL protocol. This issue should be fixed in version 1.1.3, which is live now on Itch, and is awaiting review for the Asset Store. I'll follow up here when it's live on UAS.

1.1.3 Changelog

  • Fixed Trello API request certificates failing to authenticate in editor

1.1.2 Changelog


  • Use in-editor web window for Trello authentication in Unity 2017
  • Improve Trello API request timeout handling

This should be fixed in the latest version, 1.1.1, which is live on itch and the Asset Store now.

Please let me know if you have any issues! :)

1.1.1 Changelog


  • Update Unity API references for Unity 2017.3

Sorry for the delay in getting to this! I've been travelling with very limited internet.

It looks like 2017.3 came with some changes to the WebRequest API, which may be causing those errors to be raised erroneously. If Unity prompted you to upgrade obsolete API references in your project when migrating from 2017.1 to 2017.3, it's likely that some of the web request stuff in EF was broken by that. I'll put together a patch for the new API, do some testing, and get a fixed build put up by next week at the latest.

Thanks again for letting me know about this issue!

Huh, that's strange. I'll look into it asap, thanks for letting me know!

1.1.0 Changelog


  • Add Markdown formatting helper class

1.0.5 Changelog


  • Replace Application.CaptureScreenshot with ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot for Unity 2017

Alrighty! This should be resolved in 1.0.4, which is live now on itch, and should be live on the Asset Store in the next couple of days.

Thanks again for the heads up!

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1.0.4 Changelog


  • Fix issue with "Get Trello API Token" focusing Unity cloud services windows instead of opening authentication window

Thanks for letting me know! I think you're onto something with them both being webviews. 

I'll look into it!

Thank you for writing this. I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's when I was in my early teens, and this experience resonates deeply with me. It's very interesting that you included the anxiety over memory loss. My grandmother was diagnosed relatively early in her life, and I often worry that I am starting to lose my memory as I age. Every little thing forgotten is another reminder of her, and that one day I might become her.

I've added a (hopeful) fix in 1.0.3. Sadly, I can't confirm that it works. 

Please let me know ASAP if you have any issues!

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1.0.3 Changelog


  • Fix screenshots on iOS
  • Add current version to demo scene

Thanks so much for posting your solution here! I'll be adding a fix for screenshots on iOS with the next update.

Thanks for letting me know, and following up with a fix via email!

I've patched in your fix in 1.0.2 which is live now on itch, and should be live on the asset store within the next week. :)

1.0.2 Changelog


  • Fix Trello API token authentication for some platforms
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Sorry for the late reply! As far as I know, mobile should work, but I haven't been able to test it on iOS. 

It's likely that EF is looking for the screenshot in the wrong place, and is getting hung up waiting for it to appear. Could you try unchecking "Include screenshot" on the Feedback Form prefab? (Double check that it's also unchecked in your scene(s))

I've also edited the title of this post for my own reference (:

Get Easy Feedback now!

What is Easy Feedback?

Easy Feedback streamlines bug reporting and player feedback in your Unity game by bringing it directly to you!

Detailed feedback and bug reports are submitted from in-game with just the tap of a button. With Trello, these reports are easily accessible and organized to your liking! Easy Feedback is very easy to setup and deploy, saving you development time, and getting your players' feedback to you as soon as possible.

How does it work?

When a player submits a report, it is categorized and directed to a list in your Trello board based on the type of feedback. Important metadata is included along with the report. This includes: a screenshot taken the instant the Feedback Form is opened, system information (OS, CPU, GPU, etc.), quality settings (resolution, quality level, etc.), and a log of all messages, warnings and exceptions since the last report.

All of this information is formatted with markdown on Trello so that it can be easily read, letting you focus on your game.


  • Bug reports and feedback sent directly to Trello
  • Configure and start getting feedback in under 5 minutes
  • Reports automatically categorized and organized
  • Customizable report categories
  • Report tags
  • Detailed reports including:
    • Screenshot
    • Unity debug log and exceptions
    • All logged messages, warnings, errors, and exceptions
    • System information (OS, CPU, GPU, etc.)
    • Player information (resolution, quality level, etc)
    • Multiple custom file attachments
  • Highly customizable
  • Custom form element API

Support Email
Support Forums

Easy Feedback is now available on itch and the Unity Asset Store!

Easy Feedback has now been officially released on itch and the Unity Asset Store!

A huge thanks to all of the early access developers who gave incredible and invaluable feedback during the development process. Easy Feedback wouldn't be as great as it is today without them.

1.0.1 Changelog


  • Added documentation PDF
  • Added demo scene
  • Semantic changes

1.0.0b4 Changelog


  • Support for Unity 5.4+
  • Properly create utility windows
  • Fix configuration persist bug
  • Set fixed window sizes

1.0.0b3 Changelog


  • Add public Show/Hide methods in FeedbackForm.cs
  • Fix issue when refreshing boards list after removing all feedback boards
  • Display config windows with ShowUtility() instead of Show()
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1.0.0b2 Changelog


  • Fix authentication issue on first-time setup
  • Expose config property in FeedbackForm inspector
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Last update to Early Access before release!

Easy Feedback has come a long way since the project started late last year, mostly thanks to the support of the pioneering Early Access developers who supported development not only by paying for an incomplete product, but in their amazing feedback and bug reports (many of which were often fixed by the developer before I could even reply to the post!). I really appreciate the overwhelming support during development.

With that, I'm happy to announce that the latest update, 1.0.0b1, is the last major update to Easy Feedback before official release on and the Unity Asset Store.

After getting the last round of bug reports from Early Access developers, I'll be sending the asset off for approval and listing on the Asset Store. Right now, we're looking at an early May release.

There's been lots of awesome features added to Easy Feedback since the last devlog update, and I'll be doing a series of longer, more focused, writeups for each of them in the weeks leading up to release.

If you'd like information on the release as we get closer to May, consider signing up for the Easy Feedback mailing list!

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1.0.0b1 Changelog


  • Include all label information with board info
  • Move board info to EasyFeedbackConfig asset
  • Move Easy Feedback configuration to Edit > Project Settings > Easy Feedback Form
  • Add option to store reports locally instead of sending them to Trello
  • Add "Reset to Defaults" option


  • Check if Trello API Token is valid before attempting to make requests
  • Set background color as white in authentication window when no color is specified
  • Retry requests to Trello if they time out (in game)
  • More detailed web request error messages in editor and player
  • Preserve report locally if Trello request fails

0.7.2 Changelog



  • Esc key closes the form
  • Form content persists if form closed but not submitted
  • Authorize via browser if Unity version is older than Unity 5
  • Removed dependency on label for report being set (bug)
  • Move Trello API info to separate asset

finally i can be confident in my gender. thank you

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Sadly, there's no solid documentation yet, I'm currently working on it though! An upgrade guide is a great idea to include with the docs. I'll look into that.

In the meantime, if you save your changes to the Feedback object as a separate prefab, then update the asset, your changes will persist. Just double check that you're not missing anything on the included Feedback prefab.

Edit: Documentation can be found here, and is also included as a PDF with the asset :)

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That's a good suggestion, thanks!

This behaviour can be added with quick FormElement script, but I'm adding it to the roadmap, as I agree that it should be default out of the box.

This bug is resolved in 0.7.1