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How to use the attachFile

A topic by hrohibil created Feb 16, 2022 Views: 15 Replies: 1
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please assist on how to use the attachfile method. I am a non coder. 

I created a button in form and in the feedbackForm script I created the public void AttachFile. But don’t know what should be inside the method?? 


For the AttachFile method you'll need to provide some kind of file data or a path to the file to send with the report, as outlined in the documentation here. I'm not aware of any non-code ways to provide those parameters. Unfortunately, Unity also does not provide any easy way to let a player browse for files to attach. 

I did find this package that provides a file browser for Windows/Mac/Linux: It also would require some code to use though.

With it, you might be able to create a script like this:

public class AttachFile : MonoBehaviour 
     public FeedbackForm form;
     public void GetAttachment()
         var paths = StandaloneFileBrowser.OpenFilePanel("Open File", "", "", false);
         foreach (var path in paths)
             form.CurrentReport.AttachFile(Path.GetFileName(path), path);

You could call the GetAttachment method from your button and it should do the rest, but I haven't tested this.