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Easy Feedback Form

Easy Feedback brings detailed player feedback and bug reporting to your Unity game directly to you! · By Noah Ratcliff

New Input System

A topic by Bladerunner69 created Sep 01, 2020 Views: 90 Replies: 1
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Is EasyFeedbackFrom compatible with the new Unity Input System ?

I am thinking fo the F12 key

Developer (3 edits)

Easy Feedback uses UnityEngine.Input.GetKeyDown() to check for the F12 key for the time being. As far as I'm aware, calls to the old input system should be compatible with the new input system with the right project settings. If you'd like to use the new update system, you may modify the input check in FeedbackForm.cs starting at line 111. This guide should help you.

I'll look into supporting the new input system by default in a future release.