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if you're on Windows, then download the .zip, extract it, open one of the .ttf files (monogram-extended.ttf if you want stuff like diacritics, monogram.ttf otherwise), press the "Install" button, and then it should show up in the font list in IDLE.

yeah, the sensitivity is a bit whack

Coming from pico-8’s tracker, this really is quite easy to get used to, especially since the note keyboard layout is the same. The effects and built-in instruments really work quite well, and I had a really good time making a few songs in this.

To summarise, I essentially see this as the pico-8 tracker but with more features, expanding the things you can do by a significant amount.

BreadEngine community · Created a new topic Tool Used?

I’m curious about what tool was used to make this engine. Cheers!

Oops, looks like I forgot to upload documentation and the actual .p8 file in which you put your code. I will try to upload the .p8 and the docs soon. Sorry for the confusion!

I am surprised! I’m wallGraffiti from Lexaloffle BBS, BTW. I found this account through your Baba Is You demake and was note expecting to find the GMTK entry I myself commented on in the BBS! It really is a small world…

Wow, good job Benjamin and Travesol! Didn’t expect to see your games get to the front page. That is really cool!

It might be because you uploaded the .p8 file and not the .p8.png file.

How could you have done this? How could you have possibly blown every other entry out of the water like this? This is absolutely incredible! Just.. wow! A space game in just 560 characters is not something I ever thought I’d see, and yet, here we are!

Ok, now hold on a second. WHAT?! This is absolutely incredible! Space games are some of my favourites, and you fit one in two tweets!? This is so damn impressive!

Have you created a cool thingy in TTM Deluxe? Have you created a not so cool thingy in TTM Deluxe but are still proud of it? Post the code here! I’m interested in seeing what people can make with this little thing, and I’m sure eventually other people will too.

Cool concept, great execution and nice graphics! All in all a really good TweetTweet game.

Thank you! I do, however, need to add input, conditionals and maybe random numbers, but the 548 characters are unobfuscated, so if I put time into compressing it, I could probably fit the features in. I’m looking forward to playing your entry (if you’re participating).

It’s kinda strange that you created an account and two minutes later commented on this specifically. Did you actually make an itch account specifically to comment this?

Great metroidvania! Good palette choice, too! Just all out good!

Cool! Didn’t realise it was Pico-8 at first. That means you made a good pallete choice.

It doesn’t appear that a lot of you managed to finish your game before the end of the jam. If enough people agree, I will extend the time and let you keep working. it may have been unfair to only give you one month for two games.

Really interesting concept! Unfortunately, my laptop is trash and doesn’t have enough space for the game, so I can’t playtest it ;_; However, I’m sure the other participants will play and rate your game!

Pretty cool game! I liked the style of the terminal screen. Good game overall!

Sounds interesting. I’ll see if I can do that after the jam(if I decide to participate. I’m indecisive.)

Ahh, I wish I could get this but I don’t have a bank account ._.

I haven’t actually downloaded or played the game yet, but it looks awesome from what I see on this page alone! I’ll make a review when I get around to playing the game.

I played them yesterday, and they’re pretty good considering A) It took you three days in total, and B) You had to make two games in total. However, I feel that “taking place in the same world” is kind of cheating unless you make a strong theme in both games, like, say, a stylised desert, or something like that. But 3 days is 3 days, so fair enough. And also, remember! You don’t have to rush! It’s a month long game jam.

AH! I just realised something. I got the current bundle and found Tape. I saw the name Aeriform and was like “Huh, hold on… I’ve heard this name before!”. So I went on your profile and found Dispatch just neatly sitting there on the shelf. I saw the game while browsing SPLORE randomly. Anyways, as for the game, it’s incredible. Gives me Duskers vibes.

As long as there are two seperate gameplay aspects, whether that be two different games or both in one, is your choice. It just has to follow the theme(s) and feel different.

Ask your questions about the jam here. I’ll try to answer as many as I can!

No. It’s an endless game. You play until you lose.

wow that was really cool

If you like the music, then oh boy do I have a treat for you! All of my games are made in PICO-8, something referred to as a fantasy console(basically an emulator for a made up console). These have built in restrictions, such as a restrained screen resolution, palette, and in this case music! You have four channels/voices to use in one piece of music. Each channel can play one sound effect at a time. You have eight different waves to use for instruments and that’s what gives it the chiptune-y charm! I recommend you check out the Lexaloffle Forums, since that is the main place people share their cartridges. The carts are embedded in a web player, so you don’t actually have to pay for PICO-8 to play them! There is a massive demoscene on PICO-8 where they push it to the limit, including the music!

Sounds cool! I’ve always had a soft spot for text based adventure games, and this sounds better than most games from that genre! Looking forward to it.


Don’t worry about it. The reason I finished the original version so quick is because I was lucky enough to have the idea pop instantly into my head, which almost never happens to me during a game jam. And also, I used PICO-8 for the game, which I am very familiar with so it was very comfortable for me to work in it. Don’t worry, I’m sure your game will be good!

Hi, and thanks for the feedback! Yes, I too have noticed that the AIs do that, and to be fully honest, I have no idea why. I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that they use angle based movement and not just up-down-left-right movement. Also, you’re the second person I have heard to find the game addicting, which is pretty cool!

Version 1.1 has been released!

I’ve added some of your suggestions. Once again, please give feedback so I can improve further!

(2 edits)

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who find the game addicting! I’m sorry about the music problem, I’ve expanded it but unfortunately cannot make it more relaxing. I have, however, allowed you to switch the music off in the menu(ENTER). Sorry about that, I’m not that great of a composer. The graphics though, I think I can fix. I’ve 1) Made the people look bigger 2) Added two extra looks to the people to make it easier to tell between an ally, a recruiter and a leader. If there are any other issues, let me know. Of course, I haven’t released the new version yet, but I will be doing it soon.

Well, yes, don’t most game engines? It’s just that the way PICO-8 works restricts you from changing the buttons available to the player.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m implementing them right now. I’m working on the overcrowding issue right now, and since you suggested it, I think you’d like to help! Basically, I’m making it so that when a wave ends, there is a random chance of your army partially dying off because of a randomly chosen issue. The name of the issue is just for display, a bit like the compliment after every wave, and shows up instead of said compliment when the chance is right. Basically, I need messages for these death causes. Here is an example one: “Ambushed overnight. Wow…” If you’re not willing to do it, it’s fine, I’m just short for ideas.

Unfortunately, due to the engine I’m using (PICO-8) I cannot do that. The engine is meant to be restrictive to give a retro feel, so it has a set control scheme that I’m fairly sure you cannot change. Thanks for playing, though!

I have basically already finished the game in my eyes, which means I have 6-5 extra days. I’ve uploaded it here. I need to know any issues in it or if there are some extra things it needs to be more fun to play. Cheers!

Since my game is infinite, wave based and doesn’t have complicated graphics I’ve already finished and uploaded. Check it out here!