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You probably completed all the levels. Sadly that you didn't see your score! xD

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback! :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Hey, good game! I had a little trouble understanding that I need to click on the tile first and then on the option, but you can edit the page and add this instruction there, for anyone playing later (You just can't change the game during the voting period). Anyway, very fun, congratulations!

I got 1078 :v

It was very interesting and fun, but after the first monster appears the difficulty goes up very quickly. Coincidentally, I already made a game similar to this and mine also got very difficult, very quickly! 😂

The decision makes you want to play again to try to find out all the endings, so a button to skip lines would be interesting. Other than that, very good, congratulations!

Yes, I put it wrong! Thank you for letting me know. :)

Thank you for playing! They're well trained doggos! 😂

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Ok, thank you! :)

I knew the tiles change each time, but are the sentences procedurally generated as well? :surprised_pikachu_face:

I get nightmare and wake twice each, couldn't get a good dream. Either way, a beautiful game, as always! :)

I'll reduce a little after the jam ends. Thank you for your input! :)

It's a good idea, thank you! :)

I also get a insta win! ^^'

Lots of story branches and connections between them, this is not an easy thing to do! Really nice game, congrats!

Thank you for playing, I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Thank you for playing, I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Oh, I didn't notice that ^^'

Wow! Incredible game! Super fun, great story and a plot twist that I wasn't expecting! xD
The only suggestion I have is to the penalty to hit a civilian be a value instead of all the score. I hit one by accident in the 8th wave and it was very frustrating to lose it all from one mistake. Beside that, the difficulty was extremely well done, congrats!

Nice and fun game, congrats! The phantom guide ball was a nice touch, it helps a lot. The idea to use souls to get money and be able to use money to get souls was great, it's a really nice push-and-pull.

I pretend to do a lot more! xD

Thank you for playing, I'm glad that you liked it! :)

I've done other games where I received complaints that the font got too small, so in this one with dialogue, being able to make the font bigger was a must! xD Thank you for playing! :)

I'm glad that you liked. Thank you! :)

Nice game, as always! It's possible to CTRL+C+V in the textbox, by the way. :p

The only suggestion is to be know to the player how close the falling floor is, either by a more distant camera view or a 'counter (?)' informing how many meters the player is ahead.

The Curse 'reduce xx% of the opponent's current LP' is bugged, it causes 15 damage per turn instead. Also, until the 5th turn, the player don't has much options, so maybe it could start with 3/5 cards and then gain one for turn, to get in the strategic part to change or not the curses in field with the curses in hand.
Beside that, nice and fun game, easy to understand the rules and beautiful art and sfx. Congrats. :)

To be honest, I almost give up to find the toy ^^'
But I find it in the end and could bring back to the house. Beautiful game, congrats!

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked. :)

Oh, I'm so bad at this game! The gameplay is easy to understand, I'm just bad at it! xD
Beautiful art and music! Congrats!

Great game, congrats! The art and audio are awesome. I didn't like the jump very much, though! ^^'

I began with a score of -400 and ended with 1750 xD
Nice game! Be able to carry more in exchange of move speed was a nice touch. Congrats! :)

Incredible game for a 9-days game jam, congrats!

Nice touch to pass you curse to the enemies, I almost didn't notice that. Good game, congrats!

I laugh so much with the "surprised sun"! xD Great game, super fun, congrats!

Good game! I believe that some kind of score or time to know how much better (or worse) was each try would made the game even better! Congrats! :)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked. :)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked. :)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked. :)

Thank you so much! Be compared with Undertale is no easy task! xD Thank you! <3

I wanted to stilyze the 'text-box' and the 'options-box' to be more close to a visual novel, but didn't had time , so it ended up being as simple as possible. Thank you for playing. :)

Maybe it was some bug, I'll try to fix that later. But the ideia is that you can purify (good) or exorcise (bad) each ghost, so you get the Good ending if purify all 5, Bad ending if exorcise all 5 or Neutral ending if you make any combination of purify/exorcise. Anyway, thank you for playing. :)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked. :)