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Is this game made in Ren'Py? If so, can we get a linux port?

Hey magma-rager, I really hope you see this post. We re-uploaded a much better version of the demo! You should check it out. :)

Wow! That's awesome. :)

What is the word count on the complete game?

Is it easy to port this game to Linux? What engine did you guys use to make it?

Hi Limniris, I just sent a friend request.

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for renpy GUI coder and bug fixer for the demo of my furry visual novel. I have 100 dollars to spend for someone that can fix my GUI implementation. I also someone to play through and fix all the bugs. This is for the demo. If interested respond to this post.

Just as the title says, I tried looking for free SFX images to incorporate into my game (like sword slashes) but couldn't find them on itch and their free visual novel assets. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks for checking in. No, the project is not dead. :)

We will be releasing the finalized demo in about a month, in time for BLFC.

Hey there folks.

I have been trying to replace them with word art but I haven't figured out how to write in the custom CSS window of my page. I have uploaded one of the images so I can get the link but to no avail it does not replace download of devlog words.

Thanks for any help. :)

This question was asked previously at this link but I wanted to know if it is still not possible to do it now, in 2021?


Hey there everybody,

My team and I released our demo four days ago. It is a medieval fantasy visual novel developed in Renpy and released for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It follows Titania, a snow leopard, and Lumi a 10-year-old human kid as they travel across Zaminius chasing after Khanda Oscuro, the big bad and the mage responsible for murdering Titania's mother. So, it's a story of revenge. However, as time goes on Titania and Lumi grow closer and she must choose what is more important: revenge for her lost family or accepting Lumi as her son and starting a new family. So the game becomes a mother-son tale. It is a kinetic novel that will be eight chapters roughly 75,000 words. The demo is 4900 words and shows the prologue chapter. The game will eventually become NSFW but it has no sexual theme instead its mature rating comes from sensitive topics like self-harm, suicide, torture, and excessive violence.

Here's what the two main characters look like: :D

If this sounds interesting, come check it out here:

Oh my God thank you!

Points times 1000!

Hi, what CSS did you use to make the middle section transparent relative to the moving comets?

Thank you :)

Does this affect Linux (Ubuntu) computers?

Just as the title says. I've been trying to add animated snow to my page (and been somewhat successful!) but the middle portion of the page That has screenshots, text, header image etc. I want to make that portion mostly see-through as Starsnap did. Anybody know if W3 schools are other resource can point me in the right direction?

here is a screenshot of that:

Hi Daniel. I really love your music! I'm working on a visual novel and my husband is the composer but we could use an extra pair of hands. Here is my email if you are interested:


I'm a fellow game developer myself. I was wondering if I could DM you guys on Discord. Your indie VN is the best out of all the ones that I've played and I wanted to know how you guys programmed the journal plus a few other things.

Kind regards,


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Could you guys put out a Linux build? That'd be awesome!

Hey, we're in the same discord server, FPVN, I could help you out with the writing and spelling. :)