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The recipe for a good game is that each feature, independently of the others, should be fun and rewarding to play and your game is a good example of this. The charming platforming that leaves room for the player, the curiosity to know the content of the next elf-mail, the general calm and lovely atmosphere (sound, art, pigeons). It's a great realization in such a limited time. 

Great job :3

Thank you  :)

Thank you for your feedback, yeah sorry for the tricky controls. They have been designed for 2 players on a keyboard, but it is easier to play alone with a controller.

A simple idea with great potential, I would have liked to see more levels and a small town setting would have been lovely. I love the style and the sound effect. Great job!

I love your concept! Really great sound and art

I've seen this concept many times before, but the twist with the character size and different path per character is a well thought out addition. Great game :3

Simple but well executed, the sound and the lighting give a good atmosphere, good work :)

It took me a while to figure out that the crown sprite was evolving with turns. More feedback would have helped me understand better when to run away from monster. Also, does possession only consist in the loss of control of the character?  I can't get the amulet in the last room either, should I defeat the green skeleton?

Anyway, even if the gameplay would need some polishing, the presentation is superbly done (sound and art) bravo! A good performance in the given  time.

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for your comment, it was the first time that our artist created something for a video game, it goes straight to his heart :)

An original submission, I like the concept, sound and art! 

I encountered a bug with the camera (losing the character focus and drifting away) and sadly there is no checkpoint. After losing near the end, I gave up :( 

I'll probably try again later, I'd like to see if there's an ending :D

Sadly there's no button to restart the level but it's quite fun once you figure out how to use the feature :)
Good job!

I don't know you, but you are amazing :D Really fun game!

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Thank you for your comment! Glad you understood the gameplay's intentions, because unfortunately, we did not find the time to add some important feedbacks :x

Thanks for your feedback! The truth is... I don't know for what reason the collision layers of invisible walls and decorations were reversed during the build :')

I don't know that it API you use to produce your audio but the first simple methods to set up are to play with the volume and pitch of the sound (with a multiplier in range of 0.8 to 1.1 for example). To go further, if your API offers more options, you can try adding different effects like spatialization or reverberation. If you have enough knowledge in physics you can also go further and simulate Doppler effects! But in general just playing with the volume and the pitch is enough to break the monotony :3

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Wow your game is really original. The controls are a little bit disorienting at first but once you understand, you start to sail freely in the interstellar void... you slalow between the asteroids in search of the precious powerups... When all of a sudden you run out of fuel and you understand the true challenges of the game. You have to consider each action if you want to overcome it. I had a lot of fun, thank you:)

Fun sound (is explosions from your mouth?), fun gameplay (piewrrr), fun good and bad ending. Yeah an overall fun game.

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Your game is really cool! I tried many different strategies and my most fun experience was to keep using the first type of tower xD

I wanted to give it a try but sadly I can't launch the game, it opens with a black screen and disappears immediately.

Really cool rhythm games especially if you consider that it was done in 2 days, it makes me want to try to make one now x). Just a bit odd that the assets don't match the theme very much, with a space ship or a space rocket instead of the car, asteroids for the blocks and stars in the background, it would have really been perfect!

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I like the retro art style of the game and it is fun to play. For a while I had the feeling that physics was reacting strangely, but once I understood that you can throw yourself if the raycast from the front of the ship hits the other planet, it becomes addictive: 3

Truly very fun game thanks to the diversity of game modes, really well thought out! The only real flaw I'll give him would be the sound of uncontrasted shots that are too repetitive.

Thanks for your interest!  But how did you end up here? x)
I'm sorry it happened to you, I built a stable version and will try to see to update it.

Thanks for your interest!

I'm sorry it happened to you.

What does it say? Does it tell you what file is missing or does it crash? We don't have this problem on our side.

'-') gimme headache...