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Thanks for the feedback!

If I ever come around and add any other modes to this, then guaranteed solvability would certainly a top priority. Being able to do that with an infinite board means I’d have to modify existing algorithms, but it should be doable in theory.

Thanks for the detailled feedback. Much appreciated.

The reason why "Esc" wasn't chosen is because that's also the key to leave fullscreen mode in most browsers.

Cool concept that works well. Also much more content than I expected and really well polished graphics.

Really nice outside-the-box thinking for the theme. Even more surprising how well it actually plays.

Love the presentation, both the graphics and audio. Gameplay is also pretty fun and hectic.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The bullets themselves don't really do anything, but shooting them generates recoil, which might be necessary for movement when most other options aren't available anymore.

Pretty cool idea. Confusing at first and still confusing even after you "get it", though that's part of the charm. Getting back on track after getting your movement keys lost is a fun challenge.

Thanks for the feedback.

I've actually thought about adding a solver that simply brute forces the solution by going through all the variations, but then I realized that there are 1606 octodecillion (4^100) possible combinations for a 10x10 maze, which I think is a "bit" much.

With a proper algorithm that solves the maze in a non-stupid way by discarding all variations that aren't solveable in the first place this is probably doable though. Might be a fun coding challenge when I have some spare time.

Really cool concept for a party game that could actually work really well at an actual party with the arguments and quotes printed on cards.

Personally, I already love arguing why X is better than Y with stupid arguments and do it all the time, so gamifying that with the added rule to include a specifc quote only makes it better.

Pretty well made short game, even if a little rough around the edges as the description already says. Nevertheless, here's some feedback for each area:

Gameplay: Most importantly the controls work well. Moving, jumping or shooting feel like they should and haven't failed me once.

As for the actual challenge, I actually picked up on the theme very fast on my first playthrough I took the challenges as a test and didn't defeat any enemies, stopped using my ground pound after I got told not to use it and so on, thinking that would lead to some sort of "good" ending. On my second run I experimented a bit more and noticed that I actually couldn't use the abilities any more.

Graphics: As described, rough around the edges. But still, the main character art looks nice and a lot of effort went into making the parallax background which really helps making the otherwise simple level design look good.

Sound: The music itself is really good, which makes it a shame that the audio quality in the third part seems subpar. I'm no audio professional, so I don't know exactly what went wrong, but maybe the output volume is simply to loud, crushing the audio?

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Maybe turning off V-Sync and setting Application.targetFrameRate to something like 160 helps? Alternatively you could try limiting the FPS to 30 or even 15 to get the opposite effect.

Cool theming and lots of variety in the challenges, which only kept getting wilder.

Always love seing a PICO-8 game, particularly when they're so well made. Really like how each enemy requires their own strategy and countering a demon just feels so good.

Very cool idea that I've never seen done before. Works really well.

One thing I have to mention though is that there's a bug when using a high refresh rate monitor that causes your player to shrink super slowly or not at all.

To solve this you should always multiply things by Time.deltaTime in your Update() method, or more precisely Time.deltaTime *60 if you want to keep 60 FPS as your reference speed.

That's some polished gameplay and visuals right there. Really good effects when you're getting hit / doing damage.

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Cool idea and a good amount of levels. Also way too cute. Love that little desperate flutter in the jump animation.

Didn't expect the CGA palette challenge to show up in a 3D game but here we are. A+ for the presentation. Very radical.

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Got lost not too far in, but the game has a very nice atmosphere.

A bit confusing at first because I didn't realize you had to use the mouse but pretty enjoyable after that.

Well made! The game had more mechanics than I initially expected and there were some interesting twists in the level design.

Very well made in all aspects and unexpectedly hard. The gameplay mechanic has potential. 

Really cool concept. Loved how varied the challenges were. The translation one in particular was really cleverly designed.

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Spent way too much time going through hallways. Really surprising how different each one feels. Some of these hallways even feel very reminiscent of certain hallways in other games.

Thanks! Truth be told, the rhytm elements were just an accident after I tried to add some simple background music at which I failed and then replaced with some simple beats. Turned out nicely though.