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It isn't very noisy at the start! The last half of the tunnel should be much noisier. Of course, considering that the whole noisiness is a bug-turned-feature caused by the technicalities of floating-point numbers, it does depend on your hardware as well. I would be surprised if there was any hardware for which the entire tunnel is non-noisy, though.

Enemy AI was victim to last-day priorisation, I'm afraid. Leaderboards were right above "AI improvements" and the leaderboards was the last thing I wrote :/

Well, looking at the error, there's not much I can do to help. Something about your OS (drivers, window manager, the X window system) just does not work with GLFW.

Try updating your graphics drivers. If that doesn't work, I'm afraid the game won't run on your computer.

My guess for what causes that error is insufficient OpenGL support in either your drivers or hardware. This game should theoretically run on any version newer than OpenGL 2.1, but there might be graphics card / driver specific issues which I unfortunately can't do much about.

Hard to say what's wrong with the game on your system based on this, sorry.

What's your operating system, and are there any errors? If you're on Windows, SmartScreen or some other virus-protection program might be blocking it, in which case I'd recommend unblocking metro.exe in said anti-virus program.

GPU wise? Agreed, it's made in a pretty old version of Unreal Engine at this point. Not feeling like rewriting this, but if I did, I'd definitely make it run a lot better.

Congratulations on finishing! It's a nice little game, though I'd have preferred if you could move diagonally, and if it was a bit clearer whether or not you can dash at a given time. Still, a nice entry, keep on developing! :)

Jam done, this is the winner.

Very cool! I love the music, the effects and the overall aesthetic of the game. Almost 1GB was quite a bit to download though. 

That's definitely very Witness-esque!

I think they're very good! I find that good sounds can really sell an environment sometimes, and that definitely applies here.

The hand-drawn aesthetic is really good! I haven't played many dungeon-crawlers like this, but the controls felt pretty intuitive anyways. The spooky background ambiance made the game a bit intense, but it was a really fun experience!

This is excellent!

Love the game! I left a review, but thought the comments might be a bit more appropriate for bug reports.

Might've found a bug, or maybe the game just ends very suddenly: when I entered a purple level, the doggo just didn't continue moving. UI worked and all, the game didn't freeze, the doggo just stopped. Screenshot of where this happened: 

Very mesmerizing. So smooth and infinite. Great stuff.

The seasons look very nice, the animations are fluid and beautiful and the procedural generation is a pleasure to look at. And the sounds fit the aesthetic. Love it! <3

  1. I didn't finish my game either, but the vertex limit still felt a bit high. I'd go for 512 as well.
  2. Maybe add 8 hours to the start each jam, so the "optimal" jam time rotates around the world!
  3. Themes! Google poll for themes and reveal maybe through the poll itself (if possible) or your own site.

One jam a month keeps the doctor awayth. Or something.

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Probably not a surprise after the Day 1 update, but I'm not finishing this game. Over scoped the game quite a bit, and spent way too much time tweaking little things and tools. Made a whole room system, which I ended up replacing with something a lot more simple, which then I proceeded to remove because it was just easier to make everything by hand. Sometimes that happens. It was fun while it lasted.

Oh, and if there's something to be learnt from this: don't make a content-focused game in a short jam. Stick to interesting mechanics.

So on the first day of the jam, I made a toilet. Also the room generation system. Here's hoping tomorrow will be a teeny tiny tad more productive, or this game will be very short indeed.

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Greetings,devlog lurkers! I'm here to tell you about an imaginary game I'm supposedly finishing in the next two days. It'll be both roomscale VR and keyboard/mouse compatible.

The general idea: An atmospheric (horror?) game where you walk through a spooky deserted office/apartment building. Puzzle solving and low-key story telling are in my intentions, but we shall see what actually comes out.

Footnote about "horror": even if it will be spooky and scary (as promised in the title), I won't be adding jumpscares or such. Just spookiness.
A very spooky edit footnote thing: I'm making the game in UE4, models in Blender and sounds with my Vive's microphone and Audacity.