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Spooky Scary Corridors

A topic by Neon created Jan 21, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 2
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Jam Host (1 edit)

Greetings,devlog lurkers! I'm here to tell you about an imaginary game I'm supposedly finishing in the next two days. It'll be both roomscale VR and keyboard/mouse compatible.

The general idea: An atmospheric (horror?) game where you walk through a spooky deserted office/apartment building. Puzzle solving and low-key story telling are in my intentions, but we shall see what actually comes out.

Footnote about "horror": even if it will be spooky and scary (as promised in the title), I won't be adding jumpscares or such. Just spookiness.
A very spooky edit footnote thing: I'm making the game in UE4, models in Blender and sounds with my Vive's microphone and Audacity.

Jam Host

So on the first day of the jam, I made a toilet. Also the room generation system. Here's hoping tomorrow will be a teeny tiny tad more productive, or this game will be very short indeed.

Jam Host (1 edit)

Probably not a surprise after the Day 1 update, but I'm not finishing this game. Over scoped the game quite a bit, and spent way too much time tweaking little things and tools. Made a whole room system, which I ended up replacing with something a lot more simple, which then I proceeded to remove because it was just easier to make everything by hand. Sometimes that happens. It was fun while it lasted.

Oh, and if there's something to be learnt from this: don't make a content-focused game in a short jam. Stick to interesting mechanics.