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Vertex Jam a 48-hour jam where you must try to make a game with as few vertices as possible!

Vertex Jam is hosted partly because we are the kind of people who ourselves like to participate in game jams. Sometimes though the schedules don't perfectly line up with ours. Even more though because hosting a new game jam is always fun, especially if the goal is good and there are some restrictions.

The main reason we host Vertex Jam though is just inspiration from LowRezJam . Low poly is an underappreciated artstyle that we as creators and artists love and want to promote, and so we want to create this opportunity for a community to get together and create something that is beautiful, minimalistic and simple!


  1. The total vertex count of all different models used must be 1024 or less
  2. High resolution textures are discouraged (Except for vector drawings, vectors are cool!)
  3. Aim for simplicity


Q: Can I use external models? (Not just my own)

A: Yes you can! You can use any models you like, handmade or downloaded (with permission), but remember to check the vertex count and calculate the total.

Q: Which vertex count exactly must be below 1024?

A: The vertex count of all the different models you're using. For example if you're making a game which only uses boxes (8 vertices) and pyramid shapes (5 vertices), your game totals 13 vertices out of the 1024 vertices you can use, even if you then re-use those boxes and pyramids.

Q: Can I make a 2D game?

A: Sure, but as the rules are designed for 3D games, they aren't very encouraged. Here are a few ways of implementing such though; Make a game from 2D perspective using 3D models or just create a 2D game using simple vector graphics like these kinds of games to maintain the idea of the jam

Q: Can I join as a team with a friend (etc)?


Q: What is a vertex?

A: Vertex is a point, typically referred in specifically 3D games, which connects into multiple vertices that can together form faces, which are the things you actually see in games. If you take a square for example, there is a vertex in each corner of the square.

Q: Can I use text/fonts?

A: Yes, but bonus points for not using any!

Contact @Teascade or @Excitedneon on Twitter for more details and remember to tweet #VertexJam about your progress!

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