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Afterjam opinions!

A topic by Teascade created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 85 Replies: 1
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Jam Host

So now as the jam is getting very close to it's end, I'm asking for opinions about the jam's rules for everyone who joined;

  1. What did you think about the vertex limit? Was it too low or too high?
  2. What did you think about the period the jam was held and the time of the day it started/ended?
  3. Is there anything that would improve the jam in general?

For myself I'm going to say, that I felt like the vertex limit was pretty good, but 512 might have been enough to be honest; Although I didn't finish my game I'm more eager to hear comments from anyone who did!

On another note I'm thinking about adding a theme for Vertex Jam 2, but I'm not sure how would I implement a system which would reveal the theme when the jam starts, not before nor after. One solution of course would be to create my own site which doesn't give the user the theme before a certain time, but I'm not sure, opinions about that?

And finally I haven't decided at all when Vertex Jam 2 could be held, so I'm asking for preferences about that aswell!

Jam Host(+1)
  1. I didn't finish my game either, but the vertex limit still felt a bit high. I'd go for 512 as well.
  2. Maybe add 8 hours to the start each jam, so the "optimal" jam time rotates around the world!
  3. Themes! Google poll for themes and reveal maybe through the poll itself (if possible) or your own site.

One jam a month keeps the doctor awayth. Or something.