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Game looks amazing. Is a mac version possible?

I could send some screenshots maybe...

I'm using El capitan

I know this sounds stupid but im a computer pleb and all I see are a README.txt and a content package that has nothing I can run (Except for this terminal thingy labeled GEAREND that does nothing) Sorry for using up your time ;c

Great game! I would totally buy a full version of it if it ever comes out on steam. (and its on mac)

this is amazing

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Do you mean like a mentor or a commissioner? If you want to help with games go to the help wanted section of this forum and post there.

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man, looks cool. (Wish I didn't have a mac though...)

Too bad a mac version is impossible to make.

Would totally buy this game if I found it on the steam store. Keep up the good work!

Also, is the final game going to be distributed on Steam?

Also, is the final version of this game going to be free? *Crosses fingers*


Is there any plans for mac support when you release the full game?

alright, thanks.

alright, walking diagonally makes you move faster. Is that a bug or purposefully added?

Also the gameover screen is pretty violent compared to the rest of the game, so it doesn't really fit in... But thats just a nitpick.

Hey, its working! Thanks!


Alright. Thanks for replying!

Seems intresting. Can you make a mac version after the jam?

I mean, can't you move the mod to GM:S and give all the code to a friend with a mac so they can make a mac version?

I'll send more art soon thats complete.

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Sure. I was tired when I made the post :D So sorry if it wasn't clear enough.

Looked around for a way to make a mac build, and it turns out you have to pay 100 dollars just to get the mac build option. But thats only for Gamemaker:studio. Wonder how Vlambeer even made a linux/mac version at all...

Is it possible for you to make a mac build? Maybe the old game creation software they used can allow a mac port.

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Hello everyone. Does anyone need help with their game? I'm not exactly a pro but i've been drawing for a while... so, anyone need help?

(I'll send you more my art if you chose to have me on your team) (Skype user: Narrowisms {DUUURTrail})


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Hey dude! This seems really cool. Think you can make a mac version? Also, great sniper sprite.

(please make a mac version)

Just didn't want to to reveal my location to my friend, I don't trust them THAT much.

oh, ok! thanks for replying!

Is there any way I can share my server without usuing the ip? can't we use hamachi or something?

Hey! Question, How do people join my server so they can help edit our game?