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Gearend Demo

Explore an Abandoned Robotics Research Facility with an interchangeable Robot · By SolarLune

How do you get the game up and running?

A topic by narrow created May 05, 2017 Views: 303 Replies: 6
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I know this sounds stupid but im a computer pleb and all I see are a README.txt and a content package that has nothing I can run (Except for this terminal thingy labeled GEAREND that does nothing) Sorry for using up your time ;c

What OS are you using? If you have a Content package, you downloaded the OSX download.

I'm using El capitan

Sorry for the late reply!

Hmm, it should function just as an app (just double-clicking to run should work, unless I'm missing something).

I could send some screenshots maybe...

Hey, I just updated the demo - it should now run better and be runnable more easily on OSX. Let me know if you still have any issues!