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[Pixel Artist] Kind of bored, anyone need help with a game?

A topic by narrow created Mar 04, 2016 Views: 570 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone. Does anyone need help with their game? I'm not exactly a pro but i've been drawing for a while... so, anyone need help?

(I'll send you more my art if you chose to have me on your team) (Skype user: Narrowisms {DUUURTrail})


Can you show something more complete? It's hard to judge your work with small sprites only. Maybe a cenario composition or gameplay gif could call more atention.

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Sure. I was tired when I made the post :D So sorry if it wasn't clear enough.

I'll send more art soon thats complete.

Hey Narrow, are you still into pixel art?

could use help with my pixelated rpg