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Really cool game! As rommat said, it is lacking the polish in some of the visual areas but game play wise it is on point. The only thing I would add would be a flash just before the explosion although you get used to the timing quickly enough that that definitely isn't needed.

Yup, that's the hard part. The main thing I wish I could have added to this game is networked multiplayer (though I probably wouldn't be able to even if this jam were a week or more). I hope you find a friend or enemy (or frenemy?) to player with (and absolutely destroy) soon :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Have all the stars! This game is amazing, a very well put together, tight experience. I can't get farther than the four or so rooms but it's so fun. I'll definitely be coming back to this one.

Really neat game! It's a tad short (though that's reasonable for a jam) but it's a good sign that it left me wanting more. Do you have plans to expand on this later? Cause I would really like to play some more levels.

I really like the concept but it lacks polish. Don't get me wrong, for a jam game, it's good but there were several levels where I was stuck for a while, not because I couldn't figure it out, but because the movements need to be too precise (I missed multiple exits in the air just because I dashed an instant too late). This would definitely need playtesting to get right but maybe making the jump a tad floatier so it doesn't need so much precision would be good.

An enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is very pleasant. That said, it is a bit finicky to get everything just right for the longer levels and it can be difficult to tell what the ball will collide with and what is just background.

Thanks for your feedback! I tried reducing the gravity a bit and you're right, it feels better with it like that but with the deadline over, it'll have to remain as is. Guess I should have play tested that a bit more.

This is fantastic! I like how it has you doing finger twister to get where you want to go and how you can explore the level before hand by revealing what's under each key to plan your route

Great concept! It could use a better difficulty curve though. Immediately after I started I was slammed with eight at once

Very nice! A bit of added sound effects and upbeat music would make this game feel great to play

Really nice! Quite a unique game. The one thing I would recommend is making the level restart be a bit faster and add some music.

Nice! I especially like the screen shake whenever you move.

First off, the way you start your description is amazing!

A couple things I would say about the game play: the character tends to get stuck on the sides of platforms. You may be able to fix this by setting the friction of the character to 0. Second, when you respawn, you respawn with all your momentum so it would sometimes just fling me into the spikes a second time immediately after respawning.

The concept is cool, I like how you have to learn to time your jumps correctly to the hidden timer so the gravity switches at just the right time, the art is good, with a bit more work, this could be quite a fun game!