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I love everything about this! It's fluid, colorful and the sounds are perfect. Great job!

I managed 605216 before face planting!

Very nice work! It took me a couple of attempts but I was finally able to outfit the station completely with 1 health remaining. Once that happened nothing even got close.

Great game! I especially enjoyed the strategy needed to destroy the enemies with their own weapon's fire. Like others, I liked the tutorial the the level of polish you were able to add (including a pause screen!)

Thank you for checking out my game! The .pck file is actually included in the Src download if you still want to give it a go.

Thank you for playing! The feedback for the player definitely could've been better and I considered making it so the station could destroy its own satellites but ran out of time.

Thank you for the comment. Yeah, live and learn on the uploads this time for me. I plan to update the downloads once the block ends.

This is a tough little platformer! It took me a moment to catch the mechanic with the platform colors controlling rotation for the tubes of the same shade. Nice work!

Thank you for the comment and for playing my game!

Very polished submission. I really like the theme implementation with the memory components. Great job!

Very nice. I like the rotation mechanic in use and the strategy gameplay loop.

This was quite fun. I had some minor hangups where the pipes wouldn't connect on rotation but otherwise this was a blast to play.

This was a lot of fun in the collect it to be bigger game style. Love Mister Twister.

This was crazy. The use of the the assets was really unique. Great work!

This was a very interesting take on the restrictions and theme. I love it.

Thank you for playing!

Very fun. I managed to get 110 points before I was overrun by 3 other ships. Very unique reload mechanic.

This was a blast to play. I really like your implementation of the theme.

Very interesting concept with the randomized maps. 

Very interesting concept. I had trouble with the purple and red guns from an alignment perspective but otherwise really enjoyed this.

This is a lot of fun and quite polished. I lost track of my attempts to complete the course.

This is a fun little game. I like the dual rotation mechanic with the platforms and the entire field.

Nice game! The flail does get difficult to control but was very nice once a lot of enemies were on screen.

This sounds awesome. It's unfortunate that you were not able to add more.

This was quite fun. The rotating platforms were a nice touch.

Very fun little game and great use of the rotation theme.

Very nice concept. I love the scoop/fling mechanic.

This was really fun and quite well polished.

This is really cool! The hammer is quite difficult to control but is very satisfying once it's going in the desired direction.

This is a lot of fun. You made sure rotation was really the primary mechanic. Nice work!

This was a ton of fun. I especially liked the employment of the theme in the puzzles.

Thank you for playing my game and going the extra mile to actually play it in spite of my error. I didn't know the pck was required.

In a happy accident, the Src also includes the pck file for anybody coming in later. Download both the exe and the src then just copy the pck into the same folder as the executable.

Very nice work! I really like the mechanic requiring the player to focus where the "towers" will actually fire at the incoming hordes.