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Seriously fantastic advice, especially #5.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for! :D

Thank you!

Hello :)

Ha, sorry about that. Looking at SupremaShip, you know about juice better than I do XD

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the sound effects downed out the music. I'm still learning how to balance the sound and music properly.

Thanks for playing!

That's a really good point of letting people aim for a high score, if that's what they want to do, or enjoying the sunsets, essentially letting them define their own goals. I hadn't thought about that. I could see the constantly pulling of the last baobab as a final stand, trying to save the Asteroid! That's really good storytelling baked into the mechanics! I love the sunset idea too :)

Fun game! I liked the dodging of the spiky mines. I agree with RubenMG that it would be worth the practice to add some juiciness to everything (everyone is always talking about game juice now a days). Maybe a particle effect when drilling in the asteroids, or a nice explosion when hitting a mine. Lots of good potential there. I liked the slowdown when drilling. It changed the pace nicely. 

XD  Great minds think alike? I think the themes really lend themselves to a space ship/drill and asteroid approach, plus the time limit of a game jam  and the 2 Color theme REALLY encourages a 2D arcade style game.  

I definitely recommend experimenting with adding some quick juice to your game, and maybe making some reusable tools/classes that you can implement quickly in future games. You're welcome to use entirely or borrow parts of my CameraShaker, and anything else in my MykaelosUnityLibrary for that matter. 

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Thanks! The push back was a happy accident, because I used rigidbodies for the ship and asteroids, and it seemed appropriate :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! Thank you for the feedback!

Loved the story and atmosphere! It's so peaceful (like gardening) but also panic inducing (got to get to the shrub in time!). I wasn't sure if the trees would block me when going around, so I kept sprinting everywhere.

I kinda agree with others that it misses the "you are the weapon" theme, but the two themes were pretty  restrictive! I really like what you made and I'm glad you made it!

I kind of found a... happy bug(?). After getting almost completely overwhelmed with the trees, I stood on the last remaining empty spots and held down the space bar to continuously pick the sprouts. They ended up respawning rapidly and endlessly, so I was able to rack up over 4000 Baobabs destroyed :D

Great atmosphere and overall juiciness! I enjoyed the typewriter effect and the ending left me feeling a perfect happy/sad :_D

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Fun game! Good challenge and replay value.

D-Studios' feedback is right on the money. Once I figured out how to time and spam the attack, it became a bit easier and a ton of fun! Felt like I was dashing through enemies like a ninja! And there was kind of a dance to avoiding landing on the bullets at the wrong time. 

A bit of feedback you're welcome to ignore :), in my opinion, powerups would go a long way in this game! Maybe a powerup where you attack continuously for a short while would be really fun (and show the player how to better dance around). Or maybe a shield power up? Or extra lives/armor to survive hits? Lots of good potential for added replay value.

One final thing, I had difficulty keeping my combo going. Not sure if the spawn rate was the problem, or I'm just a noob. Or possibly I didn't get far enough into the game.

Otherwise, fantastic game! Really nailed the arcade feel!

Edit: bah, forgot to mention that I loved the music! Great energy and beat! A little repetitive after a while, but I enjoyed listening to it while writing out this comment :D

Very interesting idea and definitely fun once I figured out what to do! I didn't understand that my mouse positioned the camera on my first play through. When my mouse pointer disappeared, I panicked and hit ESC, which made it impossible to move the camera and play the game. I read the comments here, and that helped me understand what was happening.

Just some feedback, that you're welcome to ignore :), the echo location only seemed to work when pretty close to the bugs, so I had no idea where to look until I was practically on top of them. At which point, I'd find them almost accidentally. It would be nice if the sound effect was mostly always present so that I could use it to guide me the whole time to find the next bug. Though, take this with a grain of salt, because you're the game designer and this is your game.

Thanks! Thank you for playing!

LOL! I was going to add a mechanic where they fled the planet via lifeboat ships.... but definitely ran out of time and energy on this one. I'm planning to add that back in after the jam, so you may yet be able to save humanity :D

I might have got a little overzealous with the screen shake :) Thanks for the feedback!

Should I skip the screen shake entirely, or just tone it down a lot? I want to maintain the feedback of the SP34R hitting the asteroids, and the asteroids hitting the planet, but I can see how it would be overwhelming (and maybe cause motion sickness in some people).

Yeah, the difficulty/speed curve was the hardest for me to balance. I might add a way for the player to choose their own difficulty in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! :)

Loved the art style and color choice! I really enjoyed the smash powerup. It felt so good to go on a rampage against the asteroids for a few seconds.

Some minor feedback, that you're welcome to ignore :),  would be to add WASD controls (not sure if possible with PICO8) and maybe make the shields stack if the player gets more than one (not sure if they do, just seemed like they didn't).

And I really loved the asteroid impact carving out parts of the planet. Along with the bit of screen shake, made for some great juiciness!

I love the art style, and the feel of the game! I really enjoyed playing it.

The only problem I had was that I got turned around a few times and got lost because the rooms and doors all look the same. Totally understandable though, in the short development time for the game jam!

I personally really enjoy breakable weapons as a mechanic because it forces the player to cycle through weapons for variety, makes looting always feel good (because even bad weapons can be used to save the durability of your really good ones), and makes an interesting 'give and take' of when you should use your best gear (against a boss or a really hard enemy, or maybe you just want to kill everything really fast). 

I haven't actually played BotW yet, but I have similar experience from Dead Island. I think you did a great parody on how fast the player might cycle through weapons and how they must always be on the lookout for more. Well done!

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I seriously enjoyed this game! Great visuals, made me feel like I was really on the desktop of a computer, running programs. Games had fantastic amount of troll, which made me appreciate this even more. Honestly, I could see this game going further, maybe with more secrets hidden in the computer (like hints/files explaining who the player's character is), more games to fix, and a story arc that emerges over time. I'm really impressed with what you accomplished in such a short amount of time! This is my favorite game from the jam so far!

Oh, my one piece of advice is you may want to revisit the itch cover image. In my opinion, it doesn't really show what the game is, and it didn't really pull me in. I actually ended up playing the game because my 3yo daughter wanted me to "play the bunny game" lol, which worked out, I'd say!

Excellent feedback, thank you! 

As for the loot box rewards, there is a "Duplicate" message that appears for ones you've already collected, but I agree that I need to add something else to point out the new stuff. There's a lot of juice missing right now.

Thank you so much for playing, and the feedback!

LOL well played...

Hi Kirgio, small world! I'm a mobile software engineer in Waukesha, WI. I was pretty sure there wasn't another person in like a 100 mile radius who cared about actual game design .

 One of my goals for this jam is to build some courage to meet people, and not be so lonely on this hobby gamedev journey. Lurking is my default too, so I know where you're coming from. Glad you're joining the jam!

A fantastic and cool world. It feels like there's a story for each of the environments that I wanted to dig deeper into. Looking forward to the full release.

Thanks pixel-boy! That's really good feedback! I agree that a victory condition makes a game much better. I realized that I was missing an ending way too late in the game jam to be able to add one. I agree that even for incremental or clicker games, an ending is really important to bring the experience to a close, so the player can move on to something else, satisfied that the game is finished. Endless games fail in that regard, and it's something I'll be fixing as I continue development on this game.

I cannot take credit for the music. It was made by the very talented Ozzed of I highly recommend checking out his work, it's fantastic and surprisingly addictive. Also, it's all released under Creative Commons Attribution license, so you can use it if you credit him!

Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your submission!

Great presentation and hilarious theme! It was definitely fun to play.

Not yet, I'll be releasing it at the end of the game jam on Friday :)

Thanks Adam! At this rate, I'm not sure how finished the game will be, but I might continue to work on it after the jam.

My game is going to be some kind of merge between an incremental and a mining game. Originally I had planned to having crafting and items in the game, but there's no way I'll have time to even make a dent in a system like that. Instead it'll focus on really juicy mining and an upgrade system.

After a week's worth of work, I have the mining mostly done. I'll be looking into the upgrades next, and possibly sounds and music.

Hi McFunkypants,

Is it possible to still include my game in the KIDSJAM? I missed the deadline by about the length of time it takes to upload on itch :( I really want my daughter to see her game as apart of the jam.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Thanks,