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Hi Kirgio, small world! I'm a mobile software engineer in Waukesha, WI. I was pretty sure there wasn't another person in like a 100 mile radius who cared about actual game design .

 One of my goals for this jam is to build some courage to meet people, and not be so lonely on this hobby gamedev journey. Lurking is my default too, so I know where you're coming from. Glad you're joining the jam!

A fantastic and cool world. It feels like there's a story for each of the environments that I wanted to dig deeper into. Looking forward to the full release.

Thanks pixel-boy! That's really good feedback! I agree that a victory condition makes a game much better. I realized that I was missing an ending way too late in the game jam to be able to add one. I agree that even for incremental or clicker games, an ending is really important to bring the experience to a close, so the player can move on to something else, satisfied that the game is finished. Endless games fail in that regard, and it's something I'll be fixing as I continue development on this game.

I cannot take credit for the music. It was made by the very talented Ozzed of http://ozzed.net/. I highly recommend checking out his work, it's fantastic and surprisingly addictive. Also, it's all released under Creative Commons Attribution license, so you can use it if you credit him!

Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your submission!

Great presentation and hilarious theme! It was definitely fun to play.

Not yet, I'll be releasing it at the end of the game jam on Friday :)

Thanks Adam! At this rate, I'm not sure how finished the game will be, but I might continue to work on it after the jam.

My game is going to be some kind of merge between an incremental and a mining game. Originally I had planned to having crafting and items in the game, but there's no way I'll have time to even make a dent in a system like that. Instead it'll focus on really juicy mining and an upgrade system.

After a week's worth of work, I have the mining mostly done. I'll be looking into the upgrades next, and possibly sounds and music.

Hi McFunkypants,

Is it possible to still include my game in the KIDSJAM? I missed the deadline by about the length of time it takes to upload on itch :( I really want my daughter to see her game as apart of the jam. https://mykaelos.itch.io/boom-boom-boom

Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Thanks,