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I was looking forward for someone to finally point this out

It's a custom engine from scratch, it uses OpenGL for gfx, OpenAl and stb_vorbis for sound,  also  pugixml, stb_image and miniz.c

It seems that game had a price at one point and went on sale (and was not just pay-what-you-want from the beginning like this one)
Anyway if anyone is still hellbent on claiming just contact me somehow (like pm me on reddit or send a mail to mutgame(at)gmail.com ) and i'll send you a key

I searched through the settings and help but i still don't have a solution.. Maybe claim only works if someone actually paid for the game? Until that miracle happens i won't know for sure, y'all have to be contempt with just keeping it in your collection i'm afraid (it will stay pay-what-you-want forever anyway)

I would love to, but could you elaborate a bit? (I checked logged out of itch.io and it can be downloaded alright)

Lowpoly Starcraft? That's some hardcore flattery, thank you!

i tried to run it but i get a libgcc_s_dw2-a.dll missing error (im on win7 64)


Fast paced single player RTS