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I tried to give myself a project that would take 1 month, in reality it took about 4 to 5 months. 

I can relate to that experience all too well  😔

I can assure that there is nothing wrong with you - (the more I read about ADHD it seems to be just a description for a healthy person but that is a whole another rabbit hole 🤔)

I think in general we tend to forget just how big of a project a video game is - especially nowadays with all these tools around - it's easier than ever to a make one and everyone seems to be a game developer churning out great games everyday
and for many the hardest choice is where to begin - everyone wants to do it perfectly and get it right on the first go 🤔

but in reality successful games also have hundreds of prototypes and and many many less successful ones behind them
many of them are created in teams, professional talent with big budgets 
and of course the sensible answer - mentioned by other replies - is to work your way up from small projects to bigger ones
but on one hand that is boring and on the other hand if you asked what a small project is I wouldn't be able to give you a confident answer 🤔

anyway one advice I can give you that comes from experience:
it doesn't matter how much you work on a project or how big is it or what it is
the only thing you need to make sure is to work a little on it every day
and eventually it will be finished
(it will be only finished though - success, money and fame are not guaranteed 😓)

well you can already add custom maps to the game
it's just no custom maps were finished yet
until there is at least one I just see no point adding any workshops   🤔

that would be the ideal situation
but in practice as a solo dev you usually have very small development costs
so with a publisher you essentially just paying a bunch of people
that tell you that your ideas suck and you should implement theirs
and then somehow end up shipping your game prematurely
because they also set the publishing date 🙄
I guess I'm a bit cynical about the whole thing .. 🤔

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marketing seems to have the only trick publishers have left 
but the thing is marketing changed as well
how would you market a game nowadays? 🤔
especially a smaller game? (anything non AAA)
there are no gaming magazines, gaming sites are not really trusted anymore,
people don't watch tv, everyone is using ad blockers etc.
apart from hoping that your game goes viral by getting endorsed by some big time youtuber influencer
or building on band recognition - I guess a publisher that has a track record of publishing
great games previously might help - apart from that I just don't see what they can do 🤔

increasing the size of the team doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to make better games or faster 🤔
if you are not an idea man and you can dev  by yourself (and do the majority of the work anyway)
then it's a better idea to buy assets or pay people to make assets for you
because in the end it's the graphics that costs the most and takes the most time on a project
and you just don't get any real benefit from hiring someone full time or having office space
it's an old school practice but times changed: you no longer need a publisher now,
the internet got good enough you can work with people all over the world etc.
(so to sum it up: growing doesn't bring enough benefits to be worth it)

many reasons:
- because the whole point is working alone - at least for the dev part
- sometimes what seems to be great success - is only a critical success and not enough to create a studio or hire

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it's a custom one (c++, opengl)

(and the original was also a custom one - just inside flash with as3)

I'm sorry 😔
best I could do is some nuts.wad  recreation 🤔
(but then so does anyone with the editor)

there is a very good reason why there isn't one (and probably won't be):
I simply suck at making arena games 😔  (which I guess is kind of ironic)
attempted to make many in the past .. but well I don't really have an explanation
I'm just not good at making them🤔
and as you found out I try to make up for it with other ways (e.g. making enemies agile etc)

1 - this is really strange - there should be particles when you hit someone
(do you see particles at all? e.g. hitting walls and such? might be a rendering bug if not 🤔)

2 - some of them do (you get batteries out of the bloops - err. 3 legged spiders, some enemies leave ammo etc)

3 - there is no ingame map sorry (it's not as easy to implement with full 3D maps 😔)

thing is the editor is a fully dev tool - it's provided as-is without support
because it's not very user friendly I'm afraid 😔

still I'm glad you liked the game 👍

thank you for finding these 👍

LAB comments · Replied to gg in LAB comments

sure, I checked out Ruffle a while ago but it was not quite there yet (probably because it's AS3)

(1 edit)

what sort of updates are you thinking of? 🤔
as far as I'm concerned the game is complete.. apart from making sure it runs on new windows versions I don't plan any updates

sure, here I made a quick tutorial:

I'm glad you enjoy it 👍
(indeed very few people try this mode .. I guess it's because the resurrecting enemies? 🤔)

so far there is only a shortcuts.txt (it's a developer tool so there is no gui and you need to use hotkeys and built in console to do things)
I managed to make a small tutorial on how to make a pool:
and there are several scattered replies on this very forum (feel free to ask anything yourself)
I guess I really should compile all of these together into one big tutorial some day 🤔

there was some progress with the workshop support - so far I found an external tool for uploads
only one big obstacle I found is that steam likes to download the workshop stuff to it's own folder
and I need to figure out a way to grab these paths using their API  etc.
(and also add support for the game to able to load maps and textures from anywhere and properly restore those in save files)

of course you can already share custom levels (the workshop is just a extra convenience)
it's just there aren't any custom maps yet 🤔

hmm.. I guess I should add the soundtrack to youtube (but not so sure about spotify) 🤔
the level editor is really just a dev tool and it's provided without official support (which is why there was no mention)

anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the game 👍 (and thank you at least 14x times 😉)

I'm afraid that is the recommended solution for now
until I figure out how it goes wrong 🤔

your keyboard is fine; it's a bug: the old ctrl was replaced by LCtrl and RCtrl and nobody noticed before that the default config is wrong
thank you for finding it 👍

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if you just want to DM you can just write to me at mutgame(at) anytime
(I guess that is a bit oldschool, it's just I already have trouble tracking all these socio accounts and don't use them much anyway🤔 )

they are both good choices: try both and go with the one that feels easier for you 🤔

Zortch community · Posted in Tips

that is a really good question..  🤔

first of all I would advise everyone to not start out with your own engine outright
especially if it's your first game
and try to find a fps creator or roblox or something premade easy to use engine first

no matter what you choose though your biggest hurdle will be to find a decent scene or level editor
and get good or find someone who is good at making maps 🤔

in a way fps games are easy to make - all you need is a camera, some scene and to be able fire bullets at stuff
the tricky part starts when you want something more complicated than that 🤔

Zortch community · Replied to Sidremus in Bugs

that is strange 🤔

so far I only know of this being a problem on Win 8
the solution there was to use the app to run the game

it should be fixed now in the latest patch (Build 1972)

I see what you mean (it's a bug)
thank you for finding it 👍
I'll try and figure out what causes it 🤔

it was  just for an earlier build  (1959)
still I should have made it optional, sorry about it 🤔

did you redownload the full thing or only updated from the patch?
from the looks of it the  new  'chair' directory is missing (it was added in 1959)

 still it's strange that it got broken with going back to 1960 🤔

as I learned the hard way: if your game is not on steam, it might as well not exist 😔

There won't be a good strong answer for this but I can assure you that many of us have the same doubts as you (after all we are living in interesting times)
but in general:
Don't feel bad if you work hard
and Don't feel bad if you don't, rest is just as important (people who overwork are often not aware of it)
the sad truth is that many creative people only do it as a hobby and have a well paying (or not so well paying) boring regular day job on the side (those who can make a living out of their creative work are the exception)

most importantly be aware that hard work doesn't necessarily lead to success (there are many other factors out of your control)
but in case success happens: don't feel bad about it

you must be young 🤔
living through Win 95 , Vista and Windows 8 was enough horror for most of us 😔

I guess the default controls will never be perfect 🤔
I probably can add an option to make the walk work with analogue but I'm not sure if it makes sense for the sprinting 🤔

that is odd, the aiming is supposed to be analog 🤔
for movement it only made things worse (it makes you walk slower than with keyboard)
strangely enough the defaults are based on suggestions on the steam forums
I had no idea there is an accepted standard (or at least didn't found any)

anyway i'm glad you like the game 👍 but alas the gamepad controls were just a kind of extra
I'm surprised the game works with them at all - everything was designed with keyboard and mouse in mind 🤔

I'm glad you like them 👍 they really turned out well 🙂

Fun fact: the bounty hunter was inspired by my misinterpretation of the monster from an old bad horror movie I saw as a kid (Drifting School 1995)
 I thought the monster had a really small head (turns out it just had it's mouth on the top)

I'm glad you like it! 👍
to be fair it was not an intensive 15 years - it includes pauses, restarts and mostly was a learning process 🤔

the engine itself? about 15 years 😔

Zortch community · Created a new topic Chop Zortch Bundle

if you prefer to get your games on Steam you can now get Zortch bundled with Chop Goblins:

added in latest mini patch (Build 1960)
(no big announcement this time - I just added it to the 1959 announcement)

it's sad that my generation is already corrupting the youth 😔