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Woah, you steamrolled through em pretty quickly (even the Mantis boss didn't gave you trouble) Anyways, glad you enjoyed it!


After many many sleepless nights i finally finished the full remake of my old browser based fps game,
now it features mouse look, which seemed to be a strange request for a wolfenstein clone  at the time but it indeed made the controls a lot easier so the monsters have been toughened up as a result (as they were no match for circle strafing players)
also game progress can be now saved anywhere, reconfigurable controls, fullscreen mode etc. 

Glad you enjoyed it!  (Btw may i use quotes from your vid on this page?)

Thanks for trying it out!

Fullscreen on a 4k? No wonder it looked so small on the first vid O_o

Well the game already had its run on the usual flash sites,  and don't worry about donations as  it was a sponsored game after all
(also you can check out v1 on the sponsors site as well: http://bigdino.com/play/1605/LAB)

The thing is with v3 for me to be able to add the most wanted features (e.g mouselook) i would need to rewrite the game in something else first and abandon flash (as it doesn't have this feature where you can lock the mouse on the screen, and now it seems unlikely it ever will)
still it might come out one day but certainly not in the near future, thing is its a question of free time and not of money

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Nice walkthrough! (is it ok with you if i quote from it and put it on this page? )

Also for other people who might have trouble running it in fullscreen in the future: press Ctrl+F or select Show All under View in the menu
(this is for the exe only, the original had fullscreen disabled back then for performance reason)

I'm afraid v3.0 is not coming anytime soon as people decided to kill flash and i'm still po'd about that :/

I was looking forward for someone to finally point this out

It's a custom engine from scratch, it uses OpenGL for gfx, OpenAl and stb_vorbis for sound,  also  pugixml, stb_image and miniz.c

It seems that game had a price at one point and went on sale (and was not just pay-what-you-want from the beginning like this one)
Anyway if anyone is still hellbent on claiming just contact me somehow (like pm me on reddit or send a mail to mutgame(at)gmail.com ) and i'll send you a key

I searched through the settings and help but i still don't have a solution.. Maybe claim only works if someone actually paid for the game? Until that miracle happens i won't know for sure, y'all have to be contempt with just keeping it in your collection i'm afraid (it will stay pay-what-you-want forever anyway)

I would love to, but could you elaborate a bit? (I checked logged out of itch.io and it can be downloaded alright)

Lowpoly Starcraft? That's some hardcore flattery, thank you!

i tried to run it but i get a libgcc_s_dw2-a.dll missing error (im on win7 64)


Fast paced single player RTS