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Zortch Maxinum against The Alien Brainsuckers 路 By mutantleg

What engine is this?

A topic by zachariah chandler created May 01, 2023 Views: 1,081 Replies: 7
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firstly: game owns (ignore the dickhead asking for it to be free; this shit real good and you could ask for more money imo).

secondly: what engine is this? the character controller feels so solid and expressive and i love how many movement options you get just by adding a kick, it's really inspiring stuff.


Glad you liked it!
It's a custom engine built on C++ and OpenGL (and using libs such as stb_image, miniz, pugixml, OpenAL)
there is no science behind the movement: only endless iteration 馃檪

Deleted post

the engine itself? about 15 years 馃様

Deleted post

I'm glad you like it! 馃憤
to be fair it was not an intensive 15 years - it includes pauses, restarts and mostly was a learning process 馃


fair enough